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10 Things You’ll Totally Understand if Your Mom is Emily Gilmore

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Not all of us can be blessed with a Lorelai, here’s to the ones graced with an Emily.


1. She’s proud of where she came from.

No matter where your mom has been, she always identifies herself with her roots and hometown.


2. Your business means her business.

You can always count on receiving an extra set of eyes focused on your cell phone, pop-up visits, and your mail opened.


3. She’s always knows everything before you do.

Even if she doesn’t.


4. She completely has no chill.

Your mom has no filter and doesn’t try to hide it, no matter how embarrassing it is for you.


5She can talk you into anything.

The power of persuasion lies within your mom’s power… Just when you put your foot down, she sticks her foot in the door.


6. The only real incident you can name as the “one time she wasn’t right.”

She has to admit, she’s not right all the time!


7. She’s the first to put you in your place.

Your mom will always tell you how she feels, especially her feelings pertaining to you.


8. She taught you everything you know.

No matter how crazy you think your mom may be, you think you’re crazier for being just like her.


9. She’s high maintenance.

When your family goes out to dinner, you can almost bet your mom will send her plate back… at least once.


10. She gives great advice.

And sometimes it isn’t even backhanded or led by ulterior motives!






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