10 Things That Make Him Boyfriend Material

Most of us have come to the conclusion that Mr. Perfect is hard to come by.  As much as we date, fall in love, break hearts, and love to hate boys, we always tend to find characteristics and actions that men tend to do, or not do, that drive us crazy. We want their attention, to be taken out to dinner, and to be respected.  Everyone has their own desires and ideas of the perfect boyfriend, but many of us can agree on quite a few things we wouldn’t mind a guy always getting right.  

Take a look at these ten fabulous traits we hope to find in a guy, and spread the word!  Share it with your girlfriends, and share it with your guy friends in hopes of helping them out.  And if you're already settled down with somebody who may be struggling, use this as a refresher course for him! 

Cook for Us– Most women love it when a guy can whip up a delicious meal in the comfort of his or your home.  It not only gives you a chance to have a private, comfortable dinner, but also can be a fun way to bond, and see the creative, and hopefully talented, side of him.  

Surprise! - Sometimes surprises are gone about in the wrong way.  A surprise should be sweet, not scary, and full of love and thought! Surprise us privately, since some girls may not be down with the show in front of all of her friends.  The simpler the better; stick to flowers, a romantic dinner, or even a nice surprise snack at the library when you know we’ve been studying our little heart out!  

Make it Memorable- We are all human.  We forget things.  Girls forget birthdays and anniversaries just as often as guys are accused of it.  So lets help each other out.  If you want that perfect boyfriend, don’t scold him for forgetting an event.  Plan something together that you both will look forward to.   Boyfriends should try to make these events as memorable as possible.  This includes making memories by sending us flowers just because it’s Wednesday.

Guys Night Out- We need our girls night out, and they need their guys night out.  Make sure your guy is comfortable and trustworthy when it comes to you spending time with your girls!  And allow him to have a night out with his boys; we all need a little space sometimes.  It is also fun to swap stories about each other’s nights, and it is a perfect opportunity to say how much you missed each other!

Hugs & Kisses- Show us some affection, please! Some women love the touch-feely relationship, but it doesn’t have to be like that all of the time.  Be sure to have your man show you some lovin’ on a fairly regular basis.  It’s a good reminder that they care, and are still emotionally and sexually attracted to us.

Drunk & Orderly- Girls are continuously told to hold our composure when out drinking. Cardinal rules include: controling the amount we drink, being able to handle ourselves, and knowing when to call it a night.  It’s nice when your boyfriend can do the same!  Nobody wants to have to take care of her man every time you go out together, and we definitely don’t want to be embarrassed of him.  Find a man that can hold is alcohol in a mature and orderly fashion. 

Speak English!- Please communicate with us!  The “almost perfect” boyfriend will speak his mind, respectfully of course, and always communicate well.  This is not only healthy for a relationship, but will easily bring you and your man closer together.  Stick to the Three C’s, communicate, cooperate, & always be considerate!

Date Night- Going out on dates is so important! As much as we like to have our girl’s night out, and like him to have his guy’s night, it’s nice to spend a night together once in a while! Make it a weekly plan to have a fun night at a park, a nice dinner, or a show, to keep things exciting and fresh.

Shoot for the Stars- We like to know where this relationship is going.  Boyfriends that are clear
about their intentions make it easier for us to be clear about what we want and don’t want.  Make sure you are both on the same page about what he is looking for out of the relationship, and that he understands your feelings as well.

Manners & Respect- Manners are a given expectation, but sadly many guys lack in this department.  As women, we should always act as ladies and prove we were raised correctly.  Respect yourself, and he should respect you.  Keep an eye out for men who do the old-fashioned door opening, but also keep it fresh with respect and flirty ways of treating you right.

All men have their own style of being a boyfriend.  Whether they woo us with flowers and candy, or poems and intimacy, we all hope and wish for that perfect man.  Keep an eye out for the ones who don’t exactly meet any of these traits, they probably have no intention of making you happy and being with you for more than a night.  If you find a man who stands true to most of these qualities, well girls you've got a keeper.