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10 “Must Have” Items for your Spring Break Trip

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

10 “Must Have” Items for your spring break trip

With spring break right around the corner you’re probably starting to think about what you’re going to bring. With this “must have” list you’ll be sure not to leave home with out these ten essential items!

1. Frat muscle tank

Preferably one with a giant American flag on it because we all just love to reiterate the fact that we’re tourists and because…’Merica.

2. Fanny pack

Neon and monogrammed of course! Fanny packs are a cute yet sensible, hands free way to make sure you have your essentials with you at all times. Plus, it’s really the only socially acceptable time to wear one, so wear it while you can!

3. “Sratty” hat

A neon hat is the way to go in this situation! Worn backwards of course because no one actually wears a hat to protect them from the sun.

4. Sunscreen


Who wants to look like a lobster because they fell asleep under the hot Cancun sun? Bring some sunscreen and avoid being in pain your whole trip.

5. Sunglasses…with croakies of course

Wouldn’t want to lose your sunglasses in the ocean or wherever you are, right? That’s why croakies were invented, not to mention they’re super cute too.

6. Bathing Suits from Victoria Secrets latest bikini collection

Let’s get real, you want to be sporting the latest and greatest line of bikinis incase you run into your ex who will probably be there too.

7. Lifeproof iPhone case

We all know you’re going to either end up dropping your phone in the ocean or somewhere even worse. Chances are, not even this case can save your phone from the mayhem of spring break, but its worth a shot.

8. Waterproof makeup

Getting your makeup wet is inevitable, so why not be prepared? Otherwise you’ll come out of that water looking like a clown…nobody wants to see that.

9. Passport

You wouldn’t think that this would have to be put on the list but I guarantee there will be “that girl” who almost forgets her passport. So let’s not be “that girl” this spring break and make sure we don’t get stuck in another country!

10. Walkie-talkies, if you’re on a cruise

These walkie-talkies are life savers with no cell service, not to mention they’ll make you feel pretty legit too. Who doesn’t want pink walkie-talkies to go along with their neon fanny pack? Don’t lie, you’ve also always wanted to say “roger that.” 


Jessica is a Junior at UCF majoring in Advertising and Public Relations. I would love to end up in the Big Apple one day and find a job that combines my passion for writing, fitness, and social media. When she isn't writing for Her Campus you can catch her hanging out with her sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta or looking up gif images on google. She enjoys brunch and any kind of breakfast food, has a very large Sperry Top-Sider collection, and follows Doug The Pug on all social media platforms. Follow Jessica on Instagram and Twitter! 
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