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10 Most Memorable ‘Friends’ Moments

For the last 25 years, Friends has impacted the lives of millions as people have sat around their living room watching the six classic characters learn lessons in love, friendship and life. Almost everyone you know has seen the show, or at least an episode or two. However, many people also know quotes, scenes and iconic moments from the show like the back of their hand. So in honor of Friends’ 25th anniversary, these are the top 10 scenes, quotes and moments that shaped the show and our lives.


 Rachel Runs into Central Perk

When Rachel runs into Central Perk wedding dress and all, the show is brought to life as the six friends are all together for the first time. It’s the start of many friendships, relationships and the Friends era of television.

The Friends Watch Monica and Rachel’s Prom Video

While watching Monica and Rachel’s prom video, Rachel sees that Ross dressed up to take her to prom when she thought she was getting stood up. This sparks something in Rachel and she kisses Ross. The prom video was the first start of Ross and Rachel’s on-and-off-again relationship which continues throughout the show. 

“We Were On a Break!”

When Ross and Rachel face relationship trouble, they decide to take a short break in which Ross decided to sleep with another woman. This starts up issues between Ross and Rachel and becomes a long-lasting debate throughout the show. Fans took this debate to heart and continued it into real life as they defend their side to other fans. 

Chandler and Monica Take Their Friendship to Another Level

While the gang is in London for Ross’s second wedding, Chandler and Monica end up sleeping together in an attempt to make Monica feel better about not being married. They break the bounds of their friendship and end up starting a relationship that is built to last. 


In an attempt to get his new couch upstairs Ross speaks the famous line—“PIVOT!”—as he is yelling at Chandler and Rachel to move his couch. While the couch may not have become a permanent part of Ross’ life, the line stuck and is now frequently referenced in Friends culture. 

The Proposal

Chandler and Monica’s relationship is tested when Chandler tries to hide the fact that he is proposing to Monica by trying to act as if he still terrified of commitment. This sends Monica back into Richard’s arms and Chandler desperately trying to fix his mistakes. When Monica finds out what was happening, she surprises Chandler and proposes to him. During the proposal, she starts crying and Chandler takes the ring and proposes to her instead. This is a defining point in their relationship that shows how much they have grown. 

The Holiday Armadillo

As Ross attempts to teach Ben about Hannukah, he dresses up as the Holiday Armadillo to interest him in the holiday. However, Santa Clause (Chandler) and Superman (Joey) show up and distract from why Hannukah’s importantance.

Rachel Gives Birth to Emma

After Rachel gives birth to Emma, Ross’ baby, she misunderstands and accepts a proposal from Joey that he never meant to give her. While Ross was planning on proposing to Rachel later, he decides against it due to her decision to accept the proposal Joey never intended. Rachel then starts a new chapter of her life as a single mother but with plenty of help from her friends!

Phoebe and Mike Tie the Knot

Phoebe and Mike get married outside in a snowy wonderland surrounded by the ones they love. This scene is so important because it is the first time in a long time that Phoebe has a family. She’s surrounded by her best friends and marrying the man of her dreams. In this episode, her story is able to come to a happy close. 

“I Got Off the Plane”

By far the most famous scene in Friends is when Rachel gets off her plane to France and chooses to stay in New York with Ross. This is the climax of the relationship filled with ups and downs. It’s the first time they are able to move past their differences and have a fresh start.

These scenes are so important because they shaped the characters and their stories. The trials and celebrations that they went through allowed them to grow and come out on the other side stronger than before. In the past 25 years, these scenes have been shared, talked about and enjoyed by millions and due to their timeless nature, they will continue to make people laugh, cry and love a little more!

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