10 Lunch Spots for the Girl Who Goes to Panera Too Often

If you’re anything like me, Panera always comes up when thinking of where to go for lunch. Regardless of the MyPanera rewards and the .99 cent bakery items, you can only go to Panera so often. If you’re looking for some other lunch spots to broaden your horizons, here are some soup/salad/sandwich places in the Orlando area that are worth a visit.


Pom Pom’s Teahouse

At Pom Pom’s, you’ll find a wide variety of sandwiches are unique teas that will make you want to try them all. Along with an adorably creative menu, Pom Pom’s is filled with a fun, artsy atmosphere that is perfect for a relaxing lunch with your friends. Pom Pom’s also displays and promotes local art, so the experience will be pleasant for more than just your taste buds.


Crispers is the place to go if you want something light and fresh. They incorporate lots of fruit into their menu to combine tastes and give their food a Spring feel. The Crispers atmosphere is slightly more upbeat than Panera, with more natural lighting and brighter colors.


Chicken Salad Chick

I will be forever thankful for the day Chicken Salad Chick came to Orlando. Even if you aren’t a fan of chicken salad, you’ve never had chicken salad like this. There is chicken salad with ingredients for all palates, from fruity chicken salad to chicken salad with bacon and cheese. Chicken Salad Chick also has interesting side items that you can’t find just anywhere. If you aren’t already addicted to Chicken Salad Chick, you will be soon.


Newk’s Eatery

Newk’s has more sandwich options than you would ever be able to try, all of which are delicious. Along with sandwiches, they also serve pizzas and gourmet macaroni and cheese. The most important thing to do when you go to Newk’s is order a drink, because you can take home their gigantic plastic cups. Make sure you go monthly, because they continuously change their cup colors!

McAlister’s Deli

At McAlister’s, you must follow the four S’s: soups, salads, sandwiches, and spuds. That’s right, baked potatoes. Their proportions are very generous, especially when it comes to beverages. As an extra bonus, the employees are always very friendly and helpful.


Jason’s Deli

If you’re vegetarian or gluten free, Jason’s Deli is the place to go. Don’t let the name deceive you; this is much more than a deli. Jason’s Deli also offers pastas and an extensive collection of soups. Everybody who has eaten there raves about it, so maybe it’s time to join them.


Greens and Grille

Greens and Grille is the perfect spot whether you’re actually trying to eat well or you’re just pretending to be healthy. Regardless, Greens and Grille will make you feel satisfied, but not bloated. They use all natural ingredients and make all their dressings and marinades in house daily. This place is definitely health nut approved.

Nature’s Table café

Nature’s Table is another fresh and healthy spot that’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, and all the snacks in between. They have sandwiches, soups, wraps, protein bowls, smoothies, and more. Along with serving great food, Nature’s Table also partners with Feeding Children Everywhere, so you can save the world while sipping your all-natural smoothie.


Holy Grain Coffee Shop

This small coffee shop might not have the largest menu, but they definitely have the coziest environment. Holy Grain promotes a very open and welcoming environment, and even hosts a variety of events. You can do everything from have a birthday party to start a Gilmore Girls Marathon at Holy Grain.


Designer Greens

Calling all hummus lovers! This little café might become your new favorite. Designer Greens has caught on to the college craze, setting up locations in Orlando and Gainesville. They have simple and fresh ingredients that make for a good go-to spot. Designer Greens also offers you the option to customize your choices for exactly the meal to fit your mood. 


After trying all ten of these places, you might be able to save yourself from being on a first name basis with the Panera employees. With any luck, you could expand your palate too. Whether you want to explore these new food spots with a friend or go solo, it's sure to be an adventure.