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The 10 Essentials for Making the Switch

Have you stepped outside lately? Did you notice that your hair didn’t fluff up twice its normal size due to the humidity that usually coats the air? Do you realize that you haven’t had to constantly reapply deodorant? I certainly have. I think my heart skips a beat every time I check the weather and see the low is in the 60s. I adore cold weather, but more than the weather itself, I long for the almost-cold-but-not-quite clothes that come with it.

I’ve found 10 essentials to help you make an effortless transition from sundresses and sandals to sweaters and scarves. Until the temperature drops about 10 degrees, it’s often warm in the afternoon and cool at night, which means you need an outfit that you can deconstruct and then rebuild at night.

The key here is layers, everyone!

1. Black tights: I love black tights under high-waisted shorts or skirts, because they still give your legs more room to breathe than pants, but keep them cozy in the cold.
(Black Opaque tights; hue.com; $13.50 or 2 for $22)

2. Blazer: These jackets will always be an essential, but because they are so light, they add a little warmth to a more formal outfit, but, in fact, blazers can be added to casual outfits as well. Try it with a casual outfit to give it a more sophisticated feel.
(Frenchi cool boyfriend blazer; shop.nordstrom.com; $68)

3. Combat boots: Leather (or pleather, depending on your budget) is good for the switch as well. These are perfect for all your sundresses and colorful shirts to make them more appropriate for fall.
(Leatherette lace-up boots; forever21.com; $32.80)

4. Flannel shirt: It’s the perfect sweater/cardigan alternative for when you feel like mixing it up. Wear it unbuttoned with a casual outfit or with something girly to give your outfit some edge. In the winter you can wear it buttoned up as your bottom layer.
(Long-sleeve plaid shirt; shop.delias.com; $39.50)

5. Scarf: There are so many options of scarves. They make them light, thick, wool, cotton, and in a plethora of prints, so take your pick, and add them to a V-neck.
(Rubbish textured check infinity scarf; shop.nordstrom.com; $18)

6. High socks: I’ve officially fallen in love with high socks. You can wear them with flats and jean shorts or a skirt. Or you can get a knit pair to wear under boots and let the tops of them peak out for added flair.
(Hue no band knee hi; hue.com; $6.50 or 3 for $16)

7. Motorcycle jacket: Again, leather is great for this time of year, and there are plenty of colors (black and nude are my favorite) to choose from. Motorcycle jackets also have the added bonus of making you feel/look more intimidating...
(American Rag Jacket, V Neck Long Sleeve Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket; macys.com; SALE for $50.99)

8. Maxi skirt: These have been very popular lately, and I totally see why. They are so versatile. You can wear them with a crop top and sandals or with a chunky, knit sweater and oxfords.
(Sparkle & Fade maxi pleated chiffon skirt; urbanoutfitters.com; $59)

9. Button down: Button downs are staples, so regardless of the weather, they’re great to have. You can roll the long sleeves up if you get too warm, tuck it in, or leave it un-tucked. The options are endless!
(Blue/white classic striped shirt; forever21.com; $13.80)

10. Moccasins: I was skeptical of these at first, but I have come to love the slipper-like shoes. With jeans and a short sleeve shirt, they’ll keep your toes toasty.
(BDG Basic Suede Moccasin; urbanoutfitters.com; $29)


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