10 Birthday Freebies to Score in Orlando

Birthdays are a special and great way to celebrate you. With cakes, parties, and family and friends, there's no wrong way to celebrate a birthday. Orlando locals or visitors, why not make your next birthday extra special by going out and getting all of these birthday freebies? 

1. Sephora

If you join Sephora’s Beauty Insider Club, Sephora will give you two birthday gift bundles redeemable in any of their stores or with an online purchase. The bundles are a Kat Von D makeup trio, including lipstick, eyeliner and setting powder, or a Drunk Elephant skin-care duo, including a crème and cleanser.

2. Ulta

If you join Ulta’s Ultamate Rewards, they will give you a free beauty product redeemable in any of their stores or with an online purchase. Ultamate Rewards have multiple member tiers and offer free birthday gift at each tier. However, the free beauty product changes depending on the month. For the month of March, it's a deluxe sample of It Cosmetics Confidence In A Cream moisturizer. Great news for all you Pisces babies!

3. Club Cool in Epcot

If you happen to celebrate your birthday at Epcot at Disney World, Club Cool will give you a free birthday slushy. Club Cool provides Coke samples from over the world as well as other cool coke products. You can choose from three different flavors for your free birthday slushy. Just flash that birthday badge available anywhere in the park!

4. Benefit Cosmetics

On the day of your birthday with proof of ID, you can get a free Benefit brow arch service at any Benefit Browbar beauty lounge. This does not include Ulta Benefit Beauty Browbar beauty lounges.

5. BJ’s Restaurant

If you join BJ’s Premier Rewards program, you get one of BJ’s famous pizookie desserts for free when you join and another free one on your birthday. (Really a two-for-one steal, if you ask me.)

6. Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

If you join Kobe Rewards, you can get up to $15 off a single entrée Friday to Saturday or up to $25 off a single entrée Sunday to Thursday. The offer is valid for your whole birthday month with the purchase of another full-sized entrée. Not to mention when you go, you get a free cupcake and Kobe chef hat: a great deal and birthday reward if you decide to go out and celebrate with friends or family.

7. Panera

If you join MyPanera rewards, you can get a free pastry redeemable in stores. Pastries change every now and then in stores, but you can choose from any of them.

8. Sprinkles

If you join Sprinkles Perks, you can get a free cupcake on your birthday redeemable in-store only. However, Sprinkles Perks has multiple tiers to their rewards program based on how often you visit them. The more you visit them, the greater the reward. For example, for members who visit Sprinkles 40+ times during a calendar year, they will receive a dozen free cupcakes on their birthday.

9. Bare Minerals

If you join Bare Minerals’ FAB program, not only do you receive member perks but you will also receive a free personalized birthday gift sent to you during your birthday month. The great thing is as a FAB member, you can personalize your makeup choices through a quick quiz, meaning the gift Bare Minerals sends you is tailored to you.

10. Theme Parks

While I mentioned Club Cool earlier, really any theme park in Florida will make your birthday special. If you decide to celebrate your birthday at a theme park, be sure to visit the guest services booth for a pin or some kind of memorabilia of that demonstrates it’s your birthday. Just by wearing it around the park, plenty of employees will go out of their way to give you something or say “Happy Birthday” or even include you in an experience. For example, it's rumored that if you go to Ollivander's Wand Store in Universal Studios, your chance to be selected for a free wand is heightened.

With this knowledge in mind, I hope you go out and take advantage of your special day by making it more special with free stuff. Birthdays are great, free stuff is better. Happy (early or belated) birthday to all those reading this with their birthday in mind!

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