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The 10 Best Movies and TV Shows for Fashionistas

Fashionistas loves going shopping, getting all dressed up for every occasion, and pouring over fashion magazines to see what’s the latest in the fashion world. But when we’re not making every sidewalk a runway, we love spending time with our gal pals and watching movies and tv show’s during girls' nights in.

So here are ten of the best movies and tv shows for fashionistas!


10. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Number ten on our list is an unconventional choice, so unconventional that there is a high chance that a lot of people have never seen this show before. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is, as stated in the title, a mystery series about a female sleuth who solves cases in 1920s Melbourne along side the local police force. The reason Miss Phryne Fisher is on this list is because she is probably one of the most fashionable sleuths in existence.

Her style is unique and flamboyant with bright colors, feathers, and furs perfectly in line with the fashion of the era. She has an outfit for every occasion and doesn't let her chosen field stop her from wearing whatever sees fit. The first few seasons show is currently on Netflix and bonus, the fanbase has a Kickstart campaign to get a movie made.


9. Legally Blonde

The next piece on our list is a girls’ night in classic and no doubt has inspired many women our generation to add a little pink to our wardrobe, take on challenges and reply with a simple, “what like it’s hard?” if we’re ever questioned. The story of girl who finds her own way after going to law school hoping to get her ex back, is an amazing tale in and of itself and Elle’s wardrobe throughout the movie just adds to its amazingness.

Though she does try and fit in with the black and brown garb her classmates wear, she eventually settles into what she knows best and rocks an amazing pink ensemble when she blows a high-profile murder case out of the water. Seriously ladies, read Cosmo, the knowledge inside it can win court cases.


8. Beauty and the Briefcase

Number eight is also a lesser known made for tv film starring everyone’s favorite Disney Channel star Hillary Duff as a journalist named Lane who aspires to work for Cosmo. However, when she pitches a less than stellar story and the conversation turns to the lack of eligible men, she is given the task to get a corporate job and see if all the amazing men are just hiding out in offices and dressed in business suites. Despite being amongst suit wearing men, Lane doesn’t sport one of her own.

Like any true fashionista, Lane rocks the office in her own fashionable ensembles and even decorate her desk to make it more her style. While we agree the recycled beads in front of her desk were a bit much for the office setting, Lane’s overall funky yet perfectly age appropriate style is one to applaud.


7. Clueless

Of course, this classic 90s retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma would totally make the list! I mean as if! Cher Horowitz lives her life in a kind of bubble where she can pretty much get anything she wants with a few well-placed words and clever manipulation but hates being called shallow. When she meets Tai, she is intent to make her a project to show she’s not selfish. Without giving away any spoilers, let just say this backfires and whole ton of other stuff goes down too. But throughout the entire ordeal, Cher and her gal pals look absolutely amazing.

Cher’s wardrobe helped start trends and was incredibly well put together without being too skimpy for the high school setting. She knew what looked best on her—and everyone else for that matter—and made sure she presented her best self every day. Not to mention how amazing her automated closet is! Why that isn’t an actual invention yet I will never know.


6. Reign

This piece, a CW hit show, is probably pretty well known on a basic level however one might wonder how a period piece about Mary, Queen of Scots ended up here in an article about fashion. Throughout the show Mary deals with the struggles of being a young Queen and all the difficulties of arranged marriages, friendships, secrets, lies, and even murder. If anyone knows their history they already know how her story ends, but during the show it’s hard to miss the fabulous gowns that she and her ladies-in-waiting wear in each episode.

While somewhat true to the fashion of the time, the costumes for Reign are unique and gorgeous every single time. Mary and her friends each have their own distinct style and personalities which were successfully shown through their choice in wardrobe.


5. The Carrie Diaries

Before there was sex and before there was the city, there was just Carrie Bradshaw and her small Connecticut hometown in the 1980s. Based on the novel series written by the same women who came up with Sex and The City, this tv show deserves a place on this list. The only unfortunate part about the series is that is was cancelled after only two seasons though the little Easter eggs of the future that were laid down at the end of season two definitely will make you want to SATC right afterwards. If not for the story itself, but to see Carrie's fashion transformation from 80s chic to late 90s sexy.

Carrie's style in the show is super eighties but perfect for those who love nostalgia and fluorescent color schemes. Everything about her wardrobe just screams taste so it's no wonder she gets a position at a fashion magazine after the editor sees her one of a kind purse.


4. Gossip Girl

Coming in at number four on our list is the fabulous Gossip Girl series. There is no easy way to explain this show other than the fact that the mysterious gossip girl shakes things up amongst the elite teens upper east side and all who associate with them. And that description barely scratches the surface. But what really matters in this regard are the epic and stylish fashion choices that the characters make and how perfectly they fit into each character's lifestyle.

Blair is known for her headbands and Serena for her effortless sexiness. Chuck is rarely seen without a suite and tie and Nate is a business casual Casanova. Dan has the tortured writer with taste style down and Jenny goes through transition after transition from good girl to dark and dangerous and back again. Overall every person can find at least one person in the show who's closet you want to look through.


3. Sex and the City

It says a lot that Carrie Bradshaw, though an alternate older version, once again finds herself on this list. Carrie is a sex columnist and lives each day trying to navigate the strange world of men, sex, and dating alongside her three best friends. Like in real life, the dating scene is never easy and Carrie can account for it especially in regard to her crazy relationship with Mr. Big. But during it all, Carrie and her friends look amazing in their fashionable ensembles fit for their personalities and lifestyles.

Carrie's closet, much like Cher's, is one to envy. Though the fact that she's in debt probably due to the number of expensive shoes she constantly buys is something most of us could live without. Either way, Carrie is stylish and daring. Heck she even rocks a tutu in the opening sequence!


2. Confessions of a Shopaholic

This piece is an absolute favorite of mine and is incredibly entertaining in every way. Rebecca Bloomwood is a journalist with aspirations to work in the fashion industry however the position she goes to interview for has already been. In a kooky twist of events she ends up working for a money magazine, which is incredibly ironic since she's thousands of dollars in debt. The movie is wild in more ways than one and one is definitely in Rebecca's outfit choices.

Nothing about Rebecca is dull and that is thoroughly represented in her style. While her wardrobe could definitely be considered too large—she is a shopaholic after all—she always has something to wear for every occasion. And who doesn't want to have a signature piece like the famous green scarf?


1. The Devil Wears Prada

And of course, number one on this list is the most fashion centric movie of the modern era. Andy is looking for a journalist job and finds herself in a coveted position as Miranda Priestley’s second assistant. And this is a fashion magazine, so it surely can't be that hard, right? Wrong. The story continues with crazy ups and downs as Andy navigates the fashion world after having previously never paid attention to it. At one point in the story Andy finally learns the idea of dressing for the job you want/have and the makeover is incredible.

After putting effort into her style, one can see Andy's confidence in herself go sky high. And even after the end of the movie in which she;s toned down the high fashion wardrobe, she still puts herself together in a way that represents her and what she knows she is capable of.


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Christian is a 2020 UCF graduate and Creative Writing and Legal Studies duel major and an aspiring novelist working on her debut novel. One look at her color-coded closet and it’s obvious why Confessions of a Shopaholic and The Devil Wears Prada are her favorite movies of all time. If she’s not spending all her money on clothes and high heels, she’s probably out buying more books to go on her already overstuffed bookshelf. The women she looks up to most are J.K. Rowling, the queen of all things literary, and Anna Wintour, the queen of all of thing fashion. If she could be a combination of them by the time she’s thirty, she will have proudly hit her peak.
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