Your Picnic Day Survival Plan

Picnic Day is upon us! It's the day where every UC Davis student from every corner of this fabulous university (even the ones on the tippy-top floor of the library) emerge so that they can rejoice in the student-run event that draws over 50,000 people to our campus in one day. Of course, the day is long and trying, so here are some tips so you don't lose your gusto before noon even hits. 

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1. Don't go for the cute footwear, go for functional (and possibly a little cute)

I know that you'll probably want to wear those amazing strappy sandals that you have with the little stones all over them or something of that caliber, but you need something you can walk in for literally a whole day. Additionally, you don't want to be walking around activities like goat milking and cockroach races with your toes hanging out in plain sight. Go for a nice closed-toed shoe that will help you get from the puddles to the food on the ground to the messy floors of houses where parties will be taking place. 

2. Take a nap

There's a lull during Picnic Day, and you look out to see nothing but empty booths and wandering toddlers on Hutchinson field. Fret not, children, for this is merely signaling NAP TIME! You probably want to take a one- to two-hour nap on Picnic Day if you plan on going out at night, or else you'll be miserable and groggy.

3. You should check out the more traditional activities that Picnic Day has to offer

Though it might seem like the best idea to start partying right at dawn every Picnic Day, it might stink to get to your last year here and realize that you never saw weenie dogs race, a goat get milked, or Band-Uh! play for an outrageous amount of time. Take in a few traditions to understand "the reason for the season"…oh wait…that's what they say about Christmas….

4. Don't search for funnel cake all day

You can't find it. I tried. Alls I wanted was some funnel cake and my little freshman belly was never satisfied. 

5. You can go the whole day with one group or you can celebrate with several different groups

There's this sort of pressure to find a Picnic Day buddy or few that you spend all day with and plan everything down to the exact second with. However, it can be really beneficial to spread your time out and hang out with different folks. You don't want to ever feel uncomfortable or like you are missing out on an event that you really want to participate in, so it is totally fine to hang out with many different peeps! 

6. Be safe!

It's me…the collegiette embodiment of your parental figure. Just a reminder to always keep your phone charged, a buddy near you, your water bottle filled, and know your limits! No one wants to end Picnic Day feeling all yucky or even in danger. End it feeling good! 

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Happy Picnic Day!

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