Your Guide to Gluten-Free Alcohol

Learning that you are allergic to gluten can be disheartening. The first things that came to my mind when I found out I was allergic to gluten were bread, pasta, and all things fried. But what I didn’t think of was... alcohol.

I always thought that the only alcohol that contained gluten was beer, but I was very wrong. Many hard alcohols contain gluten because of the way they are processed, so it is important to be aware of what you are putting in your body on a night out. Here are my go-to alcoholic beverages that I know to be gluten-free.

Hard Alcohol:

1. Tito’s Vodka

Tito’s is my absolute go-to vodka because it is certified gluten-free and doesn’t give me terrible hangovers.

2. Tahoe Blue Vodka 

Tahoe Blue is another vodka that is certified gluten-free, and is a solid choice if vodka is your drink of choice.

3. Any Tequila

Tequila is made from agave, and is very rarely processed with gluten. Jose Cuervo and Silver Patron are both guaranteed gluten-free.



Wine is a gluten-free gal’s best friend. There is no such thing as wine processed with gluten, so go crazy!


1. Omission Beer

Omission Beer is a certified gluten-free beer that tastes basically just like the real thing. They have a lager, pale ale, IPA, and light beer. Omission is a great option if you just can’t give up beer!

2. Cider

There are some amazing and yummy ciders out there. Here are my personal favorites:

i. Golden State Cider

ii. Common Cider Company

iii. Two Rivers Cider Company

Although it can be daunting to see how many alcohols contain gluten, there are so many options out there for those of us who are allergic. Find your favorites and be sure to drink safely and responsibly!