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You Have to Go Watch These Kingdom Performances

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

Kingdom: Legendary War is a South-Korean variety show competition that features six Kpop boy groups: BtoB, iKON, Stray Kids, Ateez, SF9, and The Boyz. With pre-established fandoms and fame, these groups are currently competing in rounds of the Mnet-produced show to win their own variety show afterward. These groups have been creating performances showcasing sides they have never shown before, and these are some of my favorite performances. 

man standing and holding microphone
Brandon Erlinger=Ford

1. MayFly – Color Painting

In a round of no limits, the six groups were split into two. From these two groups, members of each team who shared positions, such as rappers, were made into a performance group. MayFly’s rap subgroup consisted of three members of Stray Kids, the leader and main rapper of Ateez, and the main rapper of BtoB. This performance shows each rapper’s personal style and creates an extravagant performance on how each of their rap styles (colors) are different but not differentiated.

2. iKon – Love Scenario & Killing Me Remix

iKON is a well-known group in the Kpop industry, with immense popularity of its members and the company, YG, that represents them. For the first round of the competition, iKON took two of their most popular songs and put them together to create a musical-style performance featuring their audio production skills and dance moves. Needless to say, they showed who iKON really was. 

3. Ateez – Symphony No.9 “From the Wonderland”

The group Ateez is the newest out of the six groups competing in Kingdom, as they have the most recent debut date and stages. Ateez took on a pirate theme to create a remix of their song “From the Wonderland.” They incorporated Symphony No. 9 into their song, unveiling the leader’s audio production skills by adding a classical element to their usually rap-heavy songs. With the use of a large set, Ateez was able to create a stage where the message and theme were clear, earning them high points in the judge’s panel.

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Photo by Matthias Wagner from Unsplash

4. BtoB – Beautiful Pain

This performance by BtoB was only 100 seconds since it was used in the preliminary stage of introducing each of the groups. BtoB has a different genre than most Kpop groups, as BtoB’s strengths lie in their ability to incorporate rap into their ballads. BtoB definitely did not disappoint in showing their vocal ability during this 100 second round. Starting off with a short rap, the song transitioned into beautiful harmonies and a unique set of vocal talents that left the other groups in awe.

5. Stray Kids – Pray (I’ll Be Your Man)

In a round called ReBorn, Stray Kids decided to trade songs with BtoB, a vocal group. Stray Kids performed Pray (I’ll Be Your Man), a vocally straining song even for the original group. They created a stage where they flaunted their vocal talents and rap skills by adding new rap verses and produced a storyline that showed more of a faked reality of the past. Along with Stray Kids’ rap, vocal, and dance ability, they made the song anew, which proved to be impressive.   

Sandra is a senior at UC Davis who enjoys dancing, cooking, and vlogging. She is currently a statistics and communications double major with a minor in economics. She used to be a writer for the Junior Writer's program at Korea Daily Newspaper, a local Koreatown newspaper in Los Angeles. She has high ambitions with big dreams. You can find her everyday life vlogs and creativity on her Youtube channel, sysandyl and sysandylife.