You Don't Need to Justify Your Single Status

Flooded with laughing groups of families, cozy couples, and double dates, it was another restaurant's Friday rush hour, and the holiday season was upon us.

Image source: Unsplash

Frantically clearing tables between serving food, I apologized to the brunette woman sitting at the corner as I placed her order on her table. When I asked how she was doing, she asked if it were strange for her to sit alone. Caught off guard, I quickly answered no. She continued to tell me about her recent break-up, and now she's sitting by herself at the restaurant they used to come to as a pair. I reassured that her presence was appreciated, and reminded her that she doesn't need to be with someone to eat at a restaurant. I wish I had been prepared to say more.

Why do we feel the need to justify being single? Societal norms and media portrays singleness as a negative experience, causing people to feel ashamed of being alone. No one should feel uncomfortable about that. Don't let the pressure to be in a relationship prevent you from being content.

If you genuinely feel uncomfortable with being single, don't put a facade to show that you aren't. If you're not ready to accept your relationship status, that's okay. However, you never need to justify why you're single. The holiday season adds pressure to cozy up with a significant other, but there are plenty other people to spend it with! You don't need to be in a romantic relationship to have a fulfilling holiday. 

Go out, do you, love yourself, and give joy to those around you! Be unapologetically you.

Cover image source: Unsplash