Winter Gloom and Self Care

The holidays are officially over. It's time again for the impending anticipation of getting back on "the grind." After weeks of de-stressing, it can be difficult to accept new assignments and prepare for quizzes when all you're really wishing is for break to be just a tad bit longer.

But going back to school is not so bad; after all, you're on your own again, you get to see your friends again, and you're on your own again. Slipping from one routine into the next is like jumping from river to river, catching on the current, and going with the flow. If you want to get over break and get your head back into the school zone, all you have to do is put break behind you and take advantage of all the opportunities you have while at school. 

There's only one problem... winter is here.

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After a long and hot summer, many people crave the cold winds and crisp air that visit Northern California every January. We finally get to wear cozy sweaters and new boots. But aside from the coziness we find while the Earth is writing its obituary, we also find gray skies, rainy days, and muddy shoes. These things can alter our mood and make it easy to fall into a sort of limbo, in which we move through the motions without really feeling anything. Thank goodness for the sun, right?

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Winter is a beautiful and mind-altering time of year, but it's important to also realize that the mind-altering gist can go both ways, depending on what you want. With the rain, the gray, tests and papers, it’s easy to cast your head down and allow the stress to hang off your shoulders like a sack of potatoes. Or maybe you could just jump into that puddle.

Jump into a puddle because it's silly. Jump into a puddle because it reminds you of your childhood. For whatever reason… you must jump into that puddle. Because it will make you smile, and it will make you laugh! The sky is still gray, but hey, you just smiled.

There are plenty of winter activities that can add joy and restore a crabby mood. The important part is learning which of those activities appeal to you and doing them, whether it's reading by a wet window, napping to the pitter-patter of rain, or watching a movie with friends and the heater on high.

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Regardless of the gloom, if you want to have a good day, you will. If you start off on the right foot, you're bound to end with your left instead of falling down. So rather than reject the foreboding, gloomy, death scene, embrace and transform it into something you can fall in love with.

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