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I have come to the point where I can only effectively study in coffee shops. Shields is too sad, the MU has no tables, the Silo smells like my elementary school cafeteria, and the CoHo is quite honestly too much for my antisocial self to take. Therefore, I wander to downtown to study every week, and it is fantastic. To clarify, it is fantastic for me, not my bank account.  

But, there is no eduroam in the city of Davis. Rather, there are WiFi networks of businesses that are capable of either putting our generally reliable campus WiFi to shame or ruining our day. To avoid a ruined day, here is a ranked list, best to worst, of the WiFi in Davis’s coffee shops.

1. Philz​

I have never once had to worry about the WiFi in Philz. It is both trusty and speedy. If I want to have a good connection, I go here. Not once have I taken a depression nap stemming from Philz WiFi troubles.

2. Starbucks

The new and improved Starbucks has pretty good WiFi. I have only been a few times because of my gift card, but my experiences have generally been positive. My Google Chrome was responsive, and even Safari was able to work, which is characteristic of a real-life miracle. A good spot to try, but don’t ask me how I feel about the over-industrial interior design and lack of maximized space. The Joanna Gaines in me is clenching her fist and gritting her teeth, but that’s for a different article I suppose.

3. Common Grounds

Honestly, I like the WiFi at Common Grounds because it was recognized on my computer after my first visit, which really made me feel special. You have to ask for the WiFi password there, which can be scary, but it is worth it. Once you get past the fear of asking the barista for the password, you will never have to ask again. Even though it’s out of the way in South Davis, it is a good spot to check out.

4. Peet’s​

It’s good.

5. Panera​

Panera is really hit or miss. The last few times, it has been a fat “L”, and I only like “dubs”. Panera has the food going for them, but the WiFi is too much to risk. Whenever I am at Panera, I risk breaking my bank account, so I don’t like to risk having shotty Internet too. This is usually a no-go for me.

6. Mishka’s​

By far, the worst coffee shop WiFi in Davis is Mishka’s. Strike one is that you only get their WiFi for two hours before it expires. If I am hunkering down in a coffee shop, I am going to study for at least three to four hours, so this two-hour limit is downright upsetting. Strike two is that the WiFi is just terrible. Thank god the coffee and tea at Mishka’s are great and my cute TA is always there because the WiFi is always an uphill battle. Every time I go, I end up using my hotspot, which usually ends in a text from my dad about my data consumption. To avoid yelling in public at your computer’s rainbow wheel and disappointing your father, do not come here to use their WiFi. But go to get tea, coffee, and cookies. Just take it TO GO.

From one student to another, we know that WiFi is our livelihood. To preserve your sanity, use this list to guide you. There are also other establishments that may be worth trying in Davis, but use their WiFi networks at your own risk. I have not tested and approved them yet. I am only capable of so much. I am just one girl.

Hi! I'm Christine Giovannoni, and I am a Sociology major and Communications minor at UC Davis! I love writing, watching sports, being with family and friends, and running! I am also a sports marketing intern at UC Davis and a member of Alpha Delta Pi, and I love being involved on campus in any way I can.
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