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Why You Should Devote More Time to Recreational Reading

Reading: It makes you smarter. It makes you a better person. It even has the potential to make you happier because it’s just plain fun.

I’ve heard it from so many of my friends: “I used to love reading, but I can’t make time for it anymore.” I understand that college feels like a never-ending cycle of midterms and papers. When you’re juggling classes, internships, and extracurriculars, leisure reading seems impossible. Yet, many of those same friends are able to make time for binge-watching entire seasons of Game of Thrones or re-watching all of Arrested Development. It’s strange that people have more time to watch television than read, especially since Netflix is actually more time consuming than a book. One season of Orange is the New Black totals up to 13 hours of time in front of a screen. Meanwhile, it takes about 12 hours to finish Crime and Punishment.

It has never been easier to access books. I personally love The Avid Reader in downtown Davis because they have a terrific selection! If you don’t have the time or money to buy books downtown, research titles or authors that interest you. Write down the call numbers of the books you want, then head over to Shields Library to get them for free

Reading has so many benefits. It is a great way to show support for writers and the publishing industry. Also, it helps you become more creative, relaxed and empathetic. It exposes you to new perspectives and stimulates your imagination. Now put the laptop down and grab a book!

Aimee Lim is a junior at UC Davis, pursuing an English major with an emphasis in Creative Writing as well as a minor in Biology. Besides writing and editing for Her Campus at UCD, she is interning as a middle school's teacher's assistant and for the McIntosh & Otis Literary Agency. She also volunteers for the UCD Center for Advocacy, Research, and Education (CARE), which combats campus sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and stalking. An aspiring novelist, her greatest achievement is an honorable mention in the Lyttle Lytton "Worst Opening Lines to a (Fictional) Novel" contest. Besides writing, she loves reading, movies, music, women's history, and feminism.Follow her blog at https://lovecaution.wordpress.com.  
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