Why You Should Be Watching "Broad City" Right Now

Broad City is a TV show on Comedy Central that follows the lives of two best friends, Abbi and Ilana, as they explore the ups and downs of being 20-somethings in New York City. As somebody who watches a lot of TV, I must say that Broad City is one of my all-time favorite shows. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. You can find a bit of yourself in both Abbi and Ilana

Abbi and Ilana are each very distinct characters. Abbi is a quirky, extremely competitive, and practical person, while Ilana is unpredictable, confident, and sexually liberated. They are both very relatable characters, and the experiences that they go through together are incredibly hilarious.

2. They create a space to talk about issues that matter

Although Broad City is a comedy show, it touches on a lot of current issues—from the presidential election to rape culture. They examine global warming, sexism in the workplace, racism, white privilege, and more. Similar to shows like Saturday Night LiveBroad City does a great job of keeping topics light and comical while still emphasizing their importance.

3. They value self-love

Although Ilana is more vocal about her self-love, both characters are great role models on how to treat yourself. They demonstrate that the only opinion of yourself that really matters is your own.

4. They are the ultimate hype-women for one another

One of my very favorite things about Ilana and Abbi’s relationship is how they hype each other up. Whether it is in the context of going out for a night on the town or trying something new professionally, they support each other tremendously. They truly have each other’s backs and they can always trust that they will have somebody behind them no matter what.

5. They remind us that sometimes life is just...hysterical

Life can be especially hellish at times, and it can be hard to find the silver lining in it all. Broad City is consistent in showing how, although life can get out of hand, it’s also unbelievably hilarious. Sometimes the best thing to do is to just look at your situation and see the comedy in it (like when I tried to take a relaxing bath and the shower knob broke off—traumatizing then, hilarious now)!

So, all in all, you should be watching Broad City like... RIGHT. NOW. Happy binge-watching!

Cover image source: PB Film and Television