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Why You Should Apply To Be a Campus Trendsetter

Do you like free stuff? Yeah, me too.

As a college student and a member of HerCampus, I was able to apply and become a Campus Trendsetter for UCD. I was so excited to be a part of a program that allowed me to work with brands and the HerCampus Trendsetters team to create content. As a Campus Trendsetter, I am given the opportunity to work with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands to inform brand strategy and share content with other college students across the country.

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The application process is simple. I was able to apply within minutes, inputting my social media following, and why I wanted to join the program. I’ve been accepted to work with so many brand campaigns since then! Here’s how that process works.

When there is a campaign open, the Trendsetter team will reach out via email asking you to apply for the campaign. It’s a short application, asking why you want to be chosen, and how you think your content will contribute to the campaign. Once you apply, they will choose you based on your application. My first campaign was with Garnier Skin Labs and the new Pinea-C moisturizing sunscreen. I had a blast taking photos of the product and trying it out for myself. There are a set of guidelines and you are briefed on the campaign through a Google slide presentation. I posted a few stories and an in-feed Instagram post on the product, and I was done! I sent in the analytics provided by Instagram back to Trendsetters so they can see the engagement I had with the posts.

Once you join the Campus Trendsetters program, you will be added to the Facebook page of an amazing community of supportive college-aged women from around the country. You can share thoughts on recent events, showcase your personal social media channels, and talk to anyone who may share similar interests. Through this, I was able to connect with so many girls who made group chats and shared such great content they’ve worked so hard on. I was able to join a community of supportive women who had no shortage of nice things to say about my content decisions and how I represented my campaigns.

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I’ve had the opportunity to work with Steve Madden, Coke with Coffee, Batiste, and so many other brands that I never thought possible through this program. My Instagram account has grown so much with the support of my friends and the other girls in the program. I feel so content that my creativity through these campaigns was enjoyed, and I can’t wait for the next opportunity to come.

I highly recommend that you consider applying for this program. Campus Trendsetters is a program run through HerCampus, so if you are a HerCampus writer interested in campaign activities, please go apply! You won’t regret it. My biggest takeaway from this is that I am able to share the products that I receive with friends and family, and I have the opportunity to share this program with others.

Sandra is a senior at UC Davis who enjoys dancing, cooking, and vlogging. She is currently a statistics and communications double major with a minor in economics. She used to be a writer for the Junior Writer's program at Korea Daily Newspaper, a local Koreatown newspaper in Los Angeles. She has high ambitions with big dreams. You can find her everyday life vlogs and creativity on her Youtube channel, sysandyl and sysandylife.
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