Why UCD Students are Honorary Members of the Stranger Things Gang

Netflix’s Original Stranger Things has become extremely popular in the last couple of months, and that’s probably because it’s so different from anything else that’s on TV right now. Even though it’s refreshingly original, it’s still an extremely relatable show. Which brings me to my next point…If you go to Davis, consider yourself an honorary member of the Stranger Things gang for the following reasons:

1. You've biked around town with your friends.

2. You've skillfully avoided being hit by a car while biking in downtown. 

3. You and your friends have celebrated surviving things... maybe not fighting a Demogorgon, but midterms are almost as scary and also seem to come out of nowhere.

4. You also have Christmas light in your living space - dorm room, bedroom, living room, anywhere that can have lights really.

5. You and Hopper have the same priorities when you get to work.

6. The Arboretum is basically your own personal Mirkwood.

7. You've been the Steve or the Barb at a party at least once.

8. You're a fan of waffles, like Eleven. Especially those Aggie waffles in the DC.

9. You appreciate vintage-looking things like record players, 90's chokers, and Davis Farmer's Market dad hats, etc.

10. Just when you think something is over, it’s really not. In Will’s case, he’s not done with the “upside down.” In our case: just when we think we’re done with allergy season, somehow Davis proves us wrong every time…

If you go to Davis and haven’t seen Stranger Things, now’s a good time to start watching. Happy Halloween from Her Campus at Hawkins, Indiana - oops, UC Davis!

These images do not belong to the author or Her Campus. Thumbnail is from Matt Ferguson's art website