Why the Study Vibes Spotify Playlist Will Get You through College

With finals coming up, not to mention the eternal hell of the quarter system looming over our shoulders at every given point in time, it's crucial to have an amazing playlist to get you through it all. For me, that playlist has (recently) become Spotify's "Study Vibes" playlist and, let me tell you, it's perfect. It's gotten me through papers, random assignments, projects, but also (surprisingly) I've played it in group settings as well.

Ranging from softer techno to more chill music to even some songs that verge on EDM (though still softer), this playlist can be described best in one word: Starbucks. You know that weird, unknown music that Starbucks plays which is so confusing and yet also so calming? This is that music. Which, if can imagine this music, you could also imagine how it could easily get someone through five hours of essay writing without so much as becoming randomly distracted by a song that you just HAVE to briefly dance to. (Or am I the only one who bops around in their chair at the library/random study lounges/Peet's Coffee?) Honestly, you could listen to this music for forever and just be calmed by the music, but also focused because there are relatively so few words in each song — not to mention that they’re all a little slow.

Image source: Pexels

But don't let this calming nature fool you! Because of the techno-y/electronic vibe that these songs emanate, they're also nice to play when just relaxing or hanging out with friends.

If you're just by yourself doing random things like doing arts and crafts or browsing the web for some great online shopping finds, this playlist is definitely the playlist to go to.

Or, conversely, if you're with friends hanging out together and playing some games, this is also a great music set to play. Not only does it give the room a "chill" vibe, but it also gives some music to the atmosphere without being too overpowering. This way, you'll be able to enjoy both your company and your music without either one trying to outshine the other.

If you couldn't tell, the Study Vibes radio on Spotify is definitely my most-used and favorite playlist. It truly goes with every occasion and creates an amazing atmosphere. If you have Spotify, I highly recommend putting this playlist on the first chance you get. Happy studying and good luck on finals!

Cover image source: Pexels