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Why Pinterest Is My Favorite App

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are all brilliant applications. You get to connect with the people close to you as well as those farther away on another level, you get to easily discover information about the world around you, and you get to share the exciting moments of your day from just the touch of your fingertips. I love these apps, and I use them daily; however, there is one social media app that just conquers them all…Pinterest!

For those who have never used Pinterest before, it’s an app where you can look up and “pin” a picture of anything onto different, themed boards. For example, I love writing fiction and want to find new ways to improve, so I have a board labeled “Writing Tips” where I pin ideas ranging from words used to describe a character’s tone/voice to actual story prompts. I also have a board labeled “What Catches the Eye” which is mainly comprised of images of New York City, rainy autumn forests, or starry nights that are just SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL that I have to save them!

Also, you get to have a feed, just like most forms of social media, but your feed is mainly based off of what you’ve commonly pinned in the past. I pinned a few Harry Potter-themed Tumblr posts that I thought were funny, and pretty soon my feed was 70% Daniel Radcliffe. Basically, it’s your own personal, online outlet for creativity and fulfillment.

Another neat thing about Pinterest is that there are social aspects of it that you can choose to act upon or not. You can “friend” other people who have accounts and like their pins, as well as send pins to your friends or follow their boards, allowing you to see any additions they make to that particular board. Making friends with someone on Pinterest also allows their pins to appear in your feed, which is pretty cool.

Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest is by no means a form of social media. When you pin and save pictures, you’re doing it for yourself, and not for the sake of showing it off to others. Which is why Pinterest is indeed, the greatest app.

You can get creative and artsy without the constant pressure of needing others to see it. With Facebook and Instagram, I often have this subconscious need to post within a certain amount of time for the sake of telling others that my life is still SOOO exciting and aesthetically-pleasing. But with Pinterest, I can revisit it a month at a time and not feel like I’ve been living under a rock for a year.

Besides, after I’m done looking at a bunch of things on Pinterest, I feel fulfilled, inspired, and ready to take on the world. Everyone deserves to feel like that every now and then, right?

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Katie is a third year English and Theatre/Dance major. She enjoys writing fiction, performing in musicals, and binge-watching episodes of Doctor Who. With her writing, she hopes to inspire laughter, tears, and everything in between.
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