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With spring in full swing, my new favorite activity is—you guessed it— picnics!  And what better place to bask in the sunlight than at the UC Davis Arboretum.  In the gloomier winter days, I forgot how beautiful and expansive the campus is, and I realized I needed to take advantage of practically having a mini park in my backyard.  Now, you may be thinking, how many things could you possibly do?  Well, I’m dubbing myself your official Arboreum guide.  Let’s discover it together! 

  1. Picnics Are an Arboretum Must

With the sun shining and birds chirping, the only thing missing is a charcuterie board.  The arboretum is a perfect place to lay down a picnic blanket, pull out your favorite snacks, and simply enjoy and immerse yourself in the nature that surrounds you.  Whether it be a picnic to jam out to music by yourself, or a get together with some of your closest friends, it’s a perfect way to enjoy the dazzling sun.  Oh!  Don’t forget to buy a cake and cut into it with champagne glasses: it really never gets old. 

  1. Reading and Sunbathing 

Need I say more?  Grab your favorite book (I’m biased towards romance books while laying in the sun—I just love the happy vibes),  your picnic blanket, sunscreen, and lots and lots of water, and you’re good to go!  Before you know it, you’ll have spent hours lost in a story and feel tanned and refreshed.  

  1. Let Yourself Feel Nature 

I know this sounds a little weird, but I promise that one of the best parts of the arboretum is simply existing in it.  Sit, look around you, and absorb all that nature has to offer.  You’ll be sure to spot the ducks running around, butterflies, beautiful flowers, towering trees, and soaring birds.  This is a perfect time to just sit and think.  I’ve found the best way to clear my head is to sit outside and let nature help me center myself. 

  1. Engage in Your Sport/Activity of Choice 

Countless times I’ve seen groups of friends have a football set up, soccer, spike ball, etc. and it always looks super fun.  My personal favorite is to throw a football around until my arm refuses to cooperate anymore :P Be safe, set up far enough away from the water that there’s no risk of a runaway ball, and have fun!  

  1. Play a Card/Board Game 

I know, I know.  Why would you do that in the arboretum when you could easily do it at home?  The answer is simply that any activity set in a beautiful environment is 10x better.  Trust me.  Laughter always rings louder when you feel at ease, and I can’t imagine a better place to relax and play games than the arboretum.  

As a third-year UCD student, I’m behind the curve on taking advantage of all the beauty our campus has to offer.  Enjoy it!  Especially on beautiful days like these.  Cheers to future picnics and Pinterest aesthetic-worthy arboretum activities! 

Alexa is a second year English major at UCD. In her free time, she loves baking, making Spotify playlists for her latest reads, and laughing with friends. She’s super excited to be part of HC this year!