Why I Don't Have a Personal Instagram

Disclaimer: I want to make clear that this works for me, and by no means is an article supposed to convince anyone of anything; it is merely for the purpose of sharing.

There is no use in denying that social media is influential in our society. Often, distancing and alienating oneself from online platforms makes one a social outcast. For me, it was essential to find a balance between living in the moment and sharing all the bits and pieces of my life. In order for me to unravel how I arrived at achieving this balance, I would like to tell you what I think about Instagram.

1. Instagram is a platform for popularity and sharing pictures

The structure of an Instagram profile is based on the number of followers you have, the amount of likes you gain, and the amount of comments you receive. For me, this structure makes me think that this isn't the way pictures were meant to be shared. What is it that Instagram's trying to promote: Pride? Fame? Impact?

Truth is, more millennials and adolescents are depressed than ever before simply by visiting apps such as Instagram on a daily basis. One reason is that depression can be fuelled by the feelings of emptiness and incompetency that are products of viewing others' images. It prompts people to analyze how much their life falls short in comparison to their feed.

2. People see everything

Every picture you post and every caption you write gives a glimpse into who you are. There's nothing wrong with that, but it is important to realize that your impact on those platforms is powerful. Be mindful.

3. Instagram became toxic

At one point in the past Instagram was toxic for me. I constantly felt the need to be perfect and meet unfathomable standards, not to mention the constant urge to coordinate a cute outfit ONLY because I might take a picture that is "Instagram worthy". I was unhappy with that mindset and I knew something needed to change. Later down the road, I realized that having a personal Instagram was just not for me, so I decided to settle with a business and lifestyle account. I began to coordinate cute outfits not for the "Instagram worthy" pictures but for myself and my own happiness. That perspective changed the way I use Instagram now, for the better.  

So how did I achieve this balance?

There's a saying that goes, "You have to work on yourself and make your mind stronger every day. Define and redefine your purpose every day. Don't just go with the flow."

I realized that I needed to keep defining and redefining my priorities and remind myself of what I want, what I like, where I am, and where I am headed, and to keep improving and to keep moving forward.