Why Every American Needs to Watch 'The Hate U Give'

Given that it’s Black History Month, I’ve been thinking of some of the best movies that encapsulate the political climate we’re in. The Hate U Give, a film which pulls at my heart, was first on my list. It touches on the police brutality occurring in America, and the lack of support from the media and public. I highly recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it because it may spark something in you that needs change, and I hope you do something about it. 

The main character, Starr Carter, is a 16-year-old girl who lives in a black neighborhood. She attends a white private school, which causes an internal debate on how to act and how to blend in. This story quickly takes a turn when her best friend is shot in front of her by the police (who believe his hairbrush is a gun) without hesitation. This sparks a riot in her town and causes Starr to feel more stuck than ever.

This movie was extremely touching to me because of how it mirrored our society. I will never have to experience my mother telling me that I have to put my hands on the dashboard so a police officer doesn’t get nervous. I don’t have to be extra careful to not be pulled over because I might die if I make the wrong move. I’ve been allotted the privilege to make mistakes, but in the world we live in, some people can’t afford to. A main emphasis in the movie was on “Thug Life” which stands for: the hate u give little infants fucks everyone. It stands for resilience when everything in the world is betting against you. It stands for a stand against injustice, no matter what.

We live in a complicated world which sometimes appears deceptively simple. As much as I would love to look at how much progress we’ve made and how far we’ve come, there is still so much wrong with America and it would be ignorant of me to look the other way. The thing is, some people are looking the other way because they have the privilege to decide whether or not they want to deal with the injustice in America. This movie sparks a call to action to our generation to address everything that we are currently dealing with in our country. Racism is everyone’s problem, no matter your color. I highly recommend this movie, even if it’s out of your comfort zone, or something you normally wouldn’t watch. I hope that this Black History Month you focus on the amazing icons that have shaped all of us, but that you don’t forget the blatant injustice we still have to fight every day.

Black woman with american flag