Why Daydreaming Is Good for You

When I was younger, I used to daydream... A LOT. I still do, but back in early elementary school I practically considered it a hobby. On my progress reports at school, there would almost always be a small note under my average report cards saying that I kept drifting off in class or wasn’t paying attention. I won’t deny it, my head was always above the clouds and beyond. I did it so often that even after school, I’d dedicate time just to daydream. Whatever thought I had in my head at the moment was so strong and positive that I would run around my backyard for about 30 minutes to an hour, my fingers and toes tingling with positive energy. Yeah I know that sounds kind of weird, and I don’t do that now (I don’t think my roommates would appreciate it). But in those moments I remember being so tremendously joyful, I sometimes wish I had the same time and energy to do so. But anyway, here are some benefits of being an avid daydreamer!

It gives you something to look forward to

Back in those good ol’ days where my daydreaming was a part of my everyday schedule, I remember really looking forward to going home and being able to run away with my imagination as freely as I wanted. Whatever I was daydreaming about at the time, whether it was my favorite movie or my future boyfriend, it felt so real.  It actually felt like these good things were going to happen to me. And even if these dreams don’t turn into a reality, it’s the thought of it that really made me happy.

It provokes creativity and originality, making your mind healthier

Daydreaming is something you do entirely on your own, obviously. These are your thoughts, and therefore, your creations. By doing this regularly, you’re basically giving your mind a workout, making it easier to think original thoughts and ideas. Eventually, these new ideas will help with other areas of thinking, including coming up with solutions to problems which can benefit you in your career and relationships.

You become more motivated to achieve your goals

When you daydream, it’s pretty likely that you’re thinking about things you want in life. For example, you could be dreaming about the beautiful apartment in Manhattan you want to live in when you become a Broadway star someday. Obviously that costs a lot of money and saving up, so just that pleasant daydream alone might motivate you into applying for some jobs or cutting back on spending too much on things you don’t need. In the long run, day dreaming could help you form some necessary healthy habits to achieve your goals.

Most importantly, you are happier!

There is nothing as powerful as your own imagination. Day-to-day life by itself may not always be the most exciting thing. Friends can be busy, your job might be tedious, and school might not be a piece of cake, but there’s nothing as reliable as your own imagination. There are so many limitless possibilities to the amount of degree of happy thoughts you can have even if they aren’t happening right this second.

I know that when the world around me is bleak, the world inside my head can be amazing. So day dream! It’ll do ya some good.