Why Daenerys Targaryen is NOT a Mad Queen, Misogyny in 'Game of Thrones'

*Warning: spoilers ahead!

Daenerys Targaryen is not a mad queen despite the incessant persistence of the writers to portray her as such. The moment that the writers decided to take down their most iconic character, the show went down with it. Instead of a franchise that would have inherited the legacy of fantasy writing from Tolkein, author of Lord of the RingsGame of Thrones has now become a meme of the century. Fans have now dubbed the Game of Thrones finale as the new “better love story of Twilight” and that Twilight has a “better ending than Game of Thrones.” All of this is due to the utter disrespect and disregard of Daenerys Targaryen.  The Last War Gots8 GIF by Game of ThronesWhat is most frustrating about the series finale is that her madness is not earned at all. In the beginning of the season, she helps the North fight the army of the dead that threatens humanity by sending her own army up north, which pauses her ambition to take the Iron Throne. She shows selflessness and patience even though the North did not treat her kindly at all. They treated her and her people with xenophobia and racism. What is the most insulting thing about such a portrayal is that Daenerys demanding respect and a welcoming attitude is portrayed as selfish by the writers. Then two episodes later, the audience is supposed to believe that she’s always been crazy? Bad writing is obvious.Emilia Clarke Hbo GIF by Game of ThronesFurthermore, her apparent frustration and anger towards Cersei Lannister is apparently a bad thing. I would agree if it weren’t warranted. However, it was. Daenerys Targaryen gave Cersei so many chances to end the war without bloodshed, yet she refused. As a result, she lost a dragon and her best friend who'd been with her since the beginning of her journey. Missandei was beheaded in front of her. What’s frustrating about their portrayal of her fury is that it was unjustified and showed that she did not take the words of her advisors, despite the fact that since season seven Daenerys has listened to all of her advisors. She flew to the North and fought Jon Snow’s war because it was the right thing to do, and, as a result, she lost half of her army. She chose not to burn the Red Keep, when her advisors told her not to. She followed her advisors’ plan to take Casterly Rock, but it was a trap that caused her to lose two of her strongest allies: Dorne and Highgarden. She listened to her advisors once again when she agreed to Tyrion’s plan to talk to Cersei, which resulted in Missandei’s beheading. This constant portrayal of anger and fury of a woman as mad or crazy in unfair. The obvious misogyny is disgusting.