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Why The Bachelor is the Worst and Best Show Ever

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

After this season of The Bachelor, I had time to reflect on the show and why I watch it. Let’s face it: The Bachelor is a popular reality TV show. Many argue that it’s trash, but it’s also undeniably enjoyable and entertaining to watch. So, come with me on this discussion of why that journey to the final rose is both the worst and the best thing on TVs across America (by the way, I was totally team Jojo).

Why The Bachelor is the Worst:

1.       It pits the women on the show against each other.

2.       It gives women unreal expectations of what relationships are supposed to be like.

3.       Once you start one season of The Bachelor, you watch everything else in The Bachelor Franchise (Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise, the Bachelorette).

4.       It reminds you how single you are… And maybe that’s a good thing.

5.       It’s easy to get hooked on, and to get others hooked on as well (once you have a favorite girl, it’s hard not to get committed)

6.       The producers always portray one poor girl as ‘the crazy one,’ or ‘the b*tch’ of the show… or both.  

Why the Bachelor is the Best:

7.       It’s fun to watch with your friends (especially with some popcorn and wine nearby).

8.       It’s undeniably entertaining.

9.       The Bachelor usually isn’t bad looking…

10.   You get to live vicariously through the women traveling all over the place (I’d go on the show just to travel, nothing else).

11.   The editing on the show is hilarious (The dramatic music? The crazy close ups? Priceless.)

12.   The happily ever after is kind of satisfying if the woman you want gets the final rose (especially if you and your friends are betting on who’s going to win).

13.   Some of the situations are so ridiculous it’s hard not to laugh.

14.   It’s fun to make fun of Chris Harrison and his super cheesy narrations.

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Alida Araica attended UC Davis and graduated with a BA in English and minors in communication and technology management. Alida is passionate about 90's rom-coms, skin-care, iced coffee and running.
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