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Graduation is quickly approaching, and I could not be more excited. Here are some of the things I’m looking forward to after graduating from UC Davis!

Living in a Real Apartment Where I Have My Own Room        

I know that this might come across as petty but if you know me, you know I need personal space. I can’t wait to have a grown-up room that I can decorate all on my own, not to mention not having to cram two full-sized adults into a twin-sized bed whenever I have my boyfriend stay over.

Getting a Big Girl Job

Honestly, I can’t wait to have a real job that pays me annually instead of hourly, and where I’m not interning and scraping by on other people’s project handouts. Something that really bummed me out about college was only learning theoretical applications of what I learned, and I can’t wait to get out into the workforce and start changing the world for the better!

Seeing My Family More

Seeing that I’m from San Diego, it’s not really an easy commute to Davis. So whenever I feel like going home for the weekend, I don’t. I honestly miss just sitting down and watching HGTV with my parents and pretending that I don’t like House Hunters and getting to cuddle with my dogs.

Not Living the Quarter System Struggle

Something else I cannot WAIT to be without is the constant ticking time bomb that is the quarter system. No more imminent doom as soon as you’ve been back from vacation for more than a week, no more having to pretend to be an expert in a subject while writing a 10-page research paper on a topic you only just found out existed.

Being Actually Treated like a Human Being

This may sound a little dramatic but the BS that students have to put up with and strict professor policies are honestly ridiculous to expect of any person, or adult for that manner. I once had a professor who wouldn’t let you use the bathroom AT ALL during a two-hour lecture. In addition, I’ve taken classes in many departments where if you miss more than three classes you get an automatic D in the class. Can you imagine what the workplace would be like if that were true? “Unfortunately your position is being terminated because you had pneumonia and missed more than two days of work.”

Altogether, this seems like just a list of things I hate about the quarter system and being a college student in general, but this doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed my time at Davis. I will be sad to leave it and will think often of the Farmer’s Market, the arboretum, and maybe even missing the bus.

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