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What a Girl Wants (For Graduation)

1.     A watch

A nice watch is a perfect accent piece to any job outfit and is practical for everyday wear. At her first job she won’t want to be pulling her phone out all day, and a watch can be simple enough to wear with anything—but also flash a little bit of her personality.


Jacqueline Date Blush Leather Watch from Fossil - $115

2.     A work bag

Something that fits everything she’ll need that isn’t as big as a backpack. Especially if she’s going to be roughing a tough commute, she’ll want everything to conveniently and safely stored.


Oversize Faux Leather Shopper from Nordstrom - $65

3.     A massage

Not only has she had a long four years, but the stress of graduating will really take a toll on her. Get her a spa day to unwind and relax.


4.     A paid for plane ticket

Nothing says happy graduation like the opportunity to jet off somewhere fun. Tickets get pricey, so if you want her to enjoy some time-off before the real world starts, this would be an amazing gift for anyone.


5.     Classy jewelry

It will vary based on the job, but even most flashy fashionistas will have to cut back on the jewelry in the professional world. Getting her a necklace that is simple and personal will give her something she’ll be excited to put on every day.


Tanner Small Bar Pendant Necklace from Nordstrom - $60

6.     Jewelry from Davis

There’s no doubt that every graduating Aggie will miss Davis. Get your grad a Davis-themed piece of jewelry so she can take a piece of home with her wherever she goes. Any personalized jewelry will make for a very meaningful and thoughtful gift.


“Pedal On” Necklace from Dogeared - $58

7.     Money

No harm in saying it, your grad will probably want some money in the bank to start paying for rent, groceries, travel, or whatever she is getting started in. This gift allows her to start saving up or paying for her new life.


I am a 22 year old senior who enjoys watching Friends with a glass of wine. Currently in the process of figuring out Adulthood. 
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