What 'Friends' Taught Me: The 7 Erogenous Zones

It’s safe to say that most if not all of us have a perception of our 20s due to the popular show Friends. I am definitely someone who has grown up watching Friends, laughing loudly at all of Phoebe’s songs, Joey’s food tantrums, and Chandler Bing’s terrible but hilarious jokes. Friends has taught me so many things but as a child, there was about 85% of the show that I didn't understand as a kid. Now that I’m in my mid twenties, it’s also safe to say that I now know 100% of the jokes, allusions, and euphemisms they say in the show, making it even funnier.

One episode that stands out is episode 11 from season four, the coveted episode where Chandler seeks advice on how to pleasure women because his new girlfriend, Kathy, doesn’t exactly emit the same sounds she made when she was with Joey. Monica then goes to educate Chandler on the 7 Erogenous Zones of the female body.

Now, it’s not only important to have your partner to know what the zones are but to also know them for yourself. After all, being comfortable with your body sexually is also something we should have!

Here are the 7 Erogenous Zones:


Lips! Such an underrated zone to many but believe it or not the lips are the tell-tale sign as to whether or not they’re going to be good at everything else! It’s 99% the first zone that will be touched so it better be good. Otherwise, nope.


I feel like ears are also underrated but this zone should not be missed! The ears offer a zone where a lot of intimacy can occur because it not only affects your sense of touch but also your sense of hearing as well. Your partner can whisper into your ear or even just kiss it to send chills down your spine.


Now, this is also a very important part of the female body because the neck has a lot of nerves that, when stimulated, send signals to your brain to make you feel good. You can kiss, caress, or lick it. Anything that makes you feel good and tingly.


If your partner isn’t giving just a little bit of attention to your lovelies then don’t bother.


They don’t gotta eat the booty like groceries but a little grab definitely doesn’t hurt anyone.

Inner thighs

Now, this zone is one that is known to all of us and I’m pretty sure I don’t have to reiterate the importance of kissing and carressing this zone whatsoever to get the point across.


Ah, the last zone. Another one that doesn’t need much explanation but get to know her, love her. She’ll thank you later. 

What Monica teaches Chandler and us is that in order for a woman to reach absolute pleasure is you have to hit these zones in a sequence because women don’t just like like one zone repeatedly hit. We love stimulation! It really gets us going.

So there you have it! The 7 erogenous zones by Monica Geller. Thank you to Friends for being so educational for all of us in our twenty somethings.