The Week 10 Blues

It’s week 10. Sadly it’s that time of year again; being so close to the finish line while also being stuck on the fact that most semester students are out. 

We’ve reached the point of the quarter where there is so much to do, but as quarter system students, we’re left with little motivation to complete it. It’s the time of the year where we are having to pull all-nighters, regretting the time we were celebrating summer too soon by watching Netflix and relaxing outside rather than beginning our study guides earlier. It's difficult to remain concentrated on studies when the sun at last comes out from behind the ceaseless dimness of downpour, and mists that haunted winter quarter.

Online classes have only made it more difficult to continue being a well rounded student. Recorded lectures have only made it easier to procrastinate. It is as though the entire quarter has been midterm season alongside hours among hours of lectures one needs to catch up on. 

Scrabble tiles spell out Pexels Although this quarter has been different, the same familiarity of FOMO (fear of missing out) has been creeping upon us, due to semester students being two weeks into summer. Being a quarter system student, there is a constant feeling of being Squidward watching Spongebob and Patrick play outside my window. 

The sleep deprivation as well as the entire quarter system being midterm season will somewhat be worth it when September comes around, as we’ll be enjoying the summer while our semester friends are a month into the school year. To my fellow quarter system students, we’re almost there! We’ll survive this, somehow! :’)

girl stressed at computer