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Ways to Celebrate National’s Women’s History Month

Every March is National Women’s History Month. Proclaimed by President Jimmy Carter in 1980, March is dedicated to honoring women’s contributions and achievements. Having already fought for access to education and the right to vote, women’s fight for gender equality and freedom is far from being done. There are many different ways to participate, from educating yourself about women’s history to acknowledging the accomplishments of the women in your life. Whether you are a man or a woman, here are a few ways you can celebrate National Women’s History Month: 

Learning from the Women in Your Life and Recognizing their Achievements 

Everyone has at least one or more female figures in their life, whether they’re a mother, sister, friend, or mentor. Asking the women in your life about their personal experiences and struggles is a great way to educate yourself. The key is to listen with an open mind and put yourself in their shoes. In our society today, a lot of women are still fighting against gender discrimination in the workplace, income inequality, sexual harassment, and more. Because these are social issues that need more awareness and support in many countries, educating yourself and others can contribute to resolving these issues. Throughout your conversations, it is also important to recognize these women’s achievements and to empower them; either by giving compliments, providing support, or asking them to prioritize themselves. 

Supporting Woman-Owned Businesses 

Although there is a rise in woman-owned businesses, women are still only a minority of business owners in the US. By supporting and purchasing woman-owned businesses, consumers are investing in woman entrepreneurship and empowerment while supporting gender economic equality. Not only does this promote economic growth in these woman-owned businesses, but it also encourages more women to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs. Furthermore, most of these woman-owned businesses were heavily affected by the global pandemic, so now is the best time to take action and show some support to these businesses. Esty and Depop are some popular platforms where you can find many aspiring female entrepreneurs and their small businesses to support. 

Donating to Organizations that are Fighting for Women Rights and Freedoms

If you want to take action and become an active advocate for women, donate to organizations who are leading the fight. There are currently many charities and nonprofit organizations that are in need of funds and support in order to continue providing their services to women. In addition, many of these organizations focus on different issues women are currently facing like sexual reproductive health, human trafficking, breast cancer, etc. The Mala Fund, UN Women, and She Should Run are all nonprofits that aim to guarantee all the basic rights that women should have. By donating to these organizations, you are directly contributing to female empowerment and helping to make the world a better place for women. 

The above are just a few ways to contribute during National Women’s History Month. Yes, it is very important to recognize the contributions and achievements of the women in our country. But more importantly, we need to continue on and fight towards complete gender equality. Even though we are nowhere close to finishing, every little contribution counts as it gets us a little closer to our ultimate goal: equality, rights, and freedom for all women.

Iris Au

UCD '22

Iris is studying Communications and Economics at the University of California, Davis. She is currently a senior and is a big fan of cheesy rom-coms and cooking shows. She hopes to pursue a future career in public relations or marketing after graduating college.
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