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Water, Water, Water: Ways to Hydrate in 2017

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

Drinking water bottles is terrible for the environment, and it can be costly to keep buying water. It’s also a pain to lug around that 24-pack of water and studies have shown that drinking out of plastic bottles can cause chemicals trapped within the plastic of the bottle to seep out into the water and be ingested into the body. Here are better ways to stay hydrated in 2017.

1. Invest in a bottle that will last forever and will actually keep your water cold.

REI’s hydroflask is a high-quality, but costly option. Meant for hikes, camping, and treks, the hydroflask is said to keep water cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours. However, there are some less expensive options that also have the double wall vacuum designed to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. For instance, this 32 oz water bottle from Amazon is the same size as the hydroflask, but only costs $13.99, instead of $39.95. Whatever you decide, a high-quality water bottle that’s durable (we all know it’s going to be dropped at some point) and will keep your water cold is a huge incentive to staying hydrated.

2. Prep your water the night before.

Filling up your water before you go to sleep is an easy way to make sure you bring your water with you the next day. Fill up your water and put it in the fridge if you want it to be extra cold the next day. But, make sure you put a sticky note or set a reminder on your phone so you don’t forget it!

3. Infuse water so it tastes good.

Infusing your water is a guaranteed way to make you drink it. Easy things to add are lemon, cucumbers, grapefruit, and strawberries. Filling it with ice will make sure it stays cold longer. Here are some easy recipes for infusing your water. But, make sure you thoroughly clean your water bottle the next day to prevent different flavors mixing.

4. Studying at Starbucks? Get a water refill.

If you’re studying at Starbucks and find that you’ve finished your water, go up to the counter and ask them to fill your bottle with ice water if you don’t want to drink room temp water out of the fountain. Plus, it’s absolutely free!

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