Upcoming Workshop in Response to Threats Against Title IX

The US Department of education has decided to change its previous federal policies on Title IX, and the ASUCD Sexual Assault Awareness Advocacy Committee hosted their first of two workshops on January 16th and have another planned for January 22nd. This workshop is designed to address key issues with new policy changes to Title IX and empower students of all genders to submit comments to the federal registrar in response to them.

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For those of you who don’t know what Title IX is, here is a quick run down. As you can find at titlenine.com, it is an important stepping stone case in civil rights as it states that “no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

So what has the US Department of education found fit to change, and how will it affect you as a university student? Here are some effects as outlined by the ASUCD Sexual Assault Awareness Advocacy Committee.

The proposed rule would:

  • narrow the definition of sexual harassment
  • require holding a live hearing where cross-examination would be conducted through the parties' advisors.
  • raise the standard of evidence for sexual violence hearings
  • no longer requires schools to investigate cases of sexual assault/harassment that occur outside of an 'education program or activity'
  • offers the opportunity for mediation between the accused (defendant) and the complainant (survivor)

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UC system-wide Title IX Coordinator Suzanne Taylor says, “The Department of Education’s (DE) proposed changes will reverse decades of well-established, hard-won progress toward equity in our nation’s schools, unravel critical protections for individuals who experience sexual harassment, and undermine the very procedures designed to ensure fairness and justice. This is yet another attack on students’ right to an educational environment free of sexual harassment.” However, learning how to send comments to the federal registrar has helped many regain some power and fight back in their situations.

According to Claire Chevallier, one of the ASUCD SAAAC Committee Members, “The first workshop went well. The UC Davis Title IX officer was there to present about the proposed changes, which was really helpful. We’re excited for our next workshop now that we know how to run things!” If you’d like more information about the event check out their event page on Facebook; for more information about what they do go to their general page! (ASUCD Sexual Assault Awareness Advocacy Committee) Don’t forget, the next workshop is tomorrow, January 22nd from 6-8pm in the MU east wing!