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Torsten Christian

Name: Torsten Christian
Major:Civil Engineering
Hometown: Our very own Davis, CA.
Relationship Status:Single

 After College:He wants to work on the California High-Speed Rail project.
Interests: Playing the drums in his band tentatively called Acceptable Vegetables and/or The Sake of the Saki. When he’s not with the band he’s playing fullback for the rugby team.
Three things he can’t live without:1. Water (“Not because you actually need it or you will die, but because its delicious.”) 2. Music 3. Being outside
Favorite Food: He has a newfound love for breakfast burritos.
Random Facts:He loves his own cooking, which means he can cook ladies, and before he graced us with his presence at UC Davis, he went to an all boys boarding school in England. In fact, he thinks high school was better without girls and he would for sure do it again.
Where did he get the name: His father is part Norwegian and has his PhD, so logically he named him after a Norwegian economist.
What he looks for in a girl: Intelligence. She has to love bad, but awesome, movies like Waterworld and read a lot of books.
Where can you find him:Computer labs in Academic Surge or playing rugby against Cal Poly on Picnic Day. The jersey number to look for is 15.

Hero: His great-grandfather because he went from being a missionary and extremely conservative to a professor and a man of the world.
Siblings: Three, and one of them is a third year at UC Davis.
Why he’s our campus cutie:He’s fascinating, but extremely modest. When told he was nominated campus cutie, he thought it was his friends setting him up for a joke. Never Torsten, the UC Davis collegietes truly believed you worthy of the honor. 

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