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Things We Do with Our BFFs in Different Colleges

Some of us take for granted the privilege of attending the same college as our BFF. Oftentimes, we’re parted by distance. Although your best friend might have decided on a school 20 or 200 miles away from home, having separate college experiences can bring you both closer. Here are some things that we do in long-distance friendships.

We text long, detailed summaries about our days even though we should be catching up on sleep instead

You want to know if they’ve been keeping their promises of going to the gym and beating procrastination, or even tell them how the weather made you miss your bus to lecture.

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We FaceTime when midterms are over

It’s hard to see friends back home because of different break schedules. That’s when FaceTime becomes your new favorite app, allowing you to be halfway across the world from your best friend and still interact with them face-to-face. It’s also faster than bombarding them with hundreds of messages and waiting for a response!

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We start planning adventures based on your favorite college experiences

Attending different colleges results in unique experiences. While you might have a new affinity for hiking because of your school’s geographic location, your friend might know the best hours to hit downtown for a night out. Either way, your individual experiences make you wish you could share them with your best friend, so you plan ways to do similar things together.

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Okay, let’s admit it: we brag about how awesome our college is

While you might not flat out brag, you repeatedly gush about how your college decision was the best one you’ve made. Although you miss your bestie, you can’t imagine being anywhere else.

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When we finally get the chance to hang out, it’s as if time hasn’t changed anything at all

Whether it’s been three weeks or three months, hanging out with your best friend is like picking up where you both left off. Though we might have changed physically since we last met, the most important part is that our friendship hasn’t altered the slightest. That is, if we don’t tell them their shoes don’t match their outfit. They’ll thank us later.

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Dianna is a fourth year English Major and is minoring in Education at the University of California, Davis. She enjoys going out for runs and being outdoors when the weather permits. 
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