Summer Vacation as Told by Leonardo DiCaprio

The light is at the end of the tunnel - the school year is almost over! The refreshing thought of summer is the perfect incentive to push through those remaining essays, projects, and final exams. And who better to inspire you than Leonardo DiCaprio, actor extraordinaire? Here is summer vacation, as told by Leo.

1. Going home and seeing all your friends

2. Taking that first week to decompress from the school year

3. Making plans with your friends

4. Having to get a summer job

5. Having to actually do your job

6. But then getting some spending cash

7. Sleeping in til noon

8. Celebrating the Fourth of July

9. Looking cute in all your summer clothes

10. Going on road trips

11. Starting to miss Davis…

12. … but still making the most of your summer

Have a great summer, Aggies!