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Summer Activities and Adventures Near Davis

Summer break is right around the corner, and all we have to do is survive the end of the quarter! But once that happens, it won’t be long until you’ve done all the summer activities that Davis has to offer. Let’s be real, Davis is too hot, too flat, and/or too dry for there to be fun things to do here all summer long. Fortunately, there are a number of fun things to do not far outside of Davis. You just have to be willing to go on a little road trip to get there!

1. Bike Mix Canyon

If you enjoy a challenge on your bike, then Mix Canyon is the place for you! Located north of Vacaville, it’s one of the steepest inclines in the state of California; hard to believe that it’s less than an hour away from the flat-as-a-pancake bike trails of Davis. I would recommend some training before you attempt this ride, otherwise you might be calling a friend for a rescue before you reach the top.

2. Whitewater Raft/Kayak the South Fork of the American River

One of the best ways to beat the Davis heat! The South Fork of the American River has some great rapids a little over an hour away, and makes for a super fun and easy day trip. You can also stay the night at Lotus Camp and turn it into a weekend adventure if you choose. If you don’t have your own equipment, there are plenty of great commercial companies who will take you down the river (and they do all of the heavy lifting for you)!

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3. Hike Lake Tahoe

The Lake Tahoe basin has an endless supply of hiking trails with some breathtaking scenery. And since it’s a little over two hours away going there can make for a great weekend hiking and camping adventure! There is no shortage of great places to camp; Camp Richardson on the South Shore is a tourist favorite (they have the world’s best ice cream store). If you’re feeling really adventurous for your hike I recommend Mount Tallac on the South Shore. It’s an all-day, uphill hike that will really get your blood pumping and has an absolutely stunning panorama of the basin from the top. Just don’t forget the water and sunscreen!

Source: Kate Albrecht

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