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Strike Two!

If you want to know about last week’s on campus protest, here is a quick synopsis:

Currently, AFSCME Local 3299 workers are on strike for the second time this year ─ in fact, this is their second three-day strike in the last six months. Last year, a similar strike occurred as workers, who are a large aspect of the UC system’s foundation, employed their right to strike to fight for the end of racial and wage disparity, benefit protections, job security, safe staffing, and real wage increases.

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According to the AFSCME union website, this is strike two and they are striking in regard to the same employment injustices. Beginning on October 23rd at 9AM, AFSCME workers took a stand against the lack of substantive negotiations the UC system has made. Since the last strike, the UC system negotiated terms that the union workers do not see as beneficial or justified for their cause. According to AFSCME, “[the UC system] imposed its own terms: healthcare premium increases, flattening wages, a risky 401(k) and still more outsourcing of our jobs.”

This is not only a strike that is happening on the UC Davis campus, but across the entire UC system as well as some hospitals in our area. There are students as well as professors here at UC Davis who were standing in solidarity with the strike by either participating or canceling lectures to show support. These workers are the foundation of our institution; they are vital, valuable pieces of the system. It may seem as if this situation may not affect us, but when walking through campus, and seeing these workers (as well as some students) using their right to peacefully protest, we can see that these situations affect all of us, although sometimes in an indirect way.

Image source: Unsplash

For more information, visit: https://afscme3299.org/

Madi is currently a fourth-year student at UC Davis majoring in English and Poltical Science. She is currently a marketing intern for the Mondavi Center at UC Davis. Her favorite hobbies are reading, making Spotify playlists, and grabbing lattes with her girls! 
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