Stickers Galore!

I am almost 22 years old but there is one thing from my childhood that I cannot let go of– stickers. As a child, I would adorn everything I could with colorful Scooby Doo, smiley face, and animal stickers. My desk, my toy box, and my hands were always covered in stickers. My love of stickers began to fade as I got older but resurged in high school. I began using Tumblr and saw how many kids my age would decorate their laptops, then spotted the same trend at my high school with water bottles. 

My friend introduced me to a website called Redbubble where you can support artists and get stickers of your favorite television shows, movies, and musicians. As a bonus, the stickers are water-resistant! Print-on-demand marketplaces have become more popular recently. Redbubble is just one of many sites to get high-quality stickers that rival those from your childhood. Society6, Threadless, and CafePress are other websites that offer similar products. I found out you can also upload your artwork for people to purchase. I made some things on that site that may or may not have included Fall Out Boy and 5 Seconds of Summer. They also may or may not have been taken down, but that’s another story.

Image Source: Paul Esch-Laurent 

Stickers are popular because they represent the owner’s personality, interests, or beliefs. Someone must have some reason to have a “Fries Before Guys” sticker, after all– maybe it was because they thought it was funny or maybe it was because of their latest ex. Sometimes a person may want to break the ice; stickers become a conversation starter because they often showcase an interest like a favorite show or a location. They are also a way to show what you support, such as Planned Parenthood or Keep Tahoe Blue. Walking around with your personalized gear also just makes you feel so cool. One of the best aspects of stickers is that they are relatively inexpensive and aren’t permanent. As soon as you are out of your Riverdale phase, you can swap that sticker out for one from You, your new favorite show. Stickers open up a realm of creativity that was lost in our transition to adulthood.

Image Source: Unsplash

Companies have picked up on this nostalgic trend and begun using stickers for marketing. They want to show that they are part of their customers’ lifestyle. Stickers show that the customer approves of their products and alao act as free advertisement. They're essentially a recommendation to buy a product represented by the company. Stickers are handed out at publicity events, can be purchased at stores, and/or are sent through the mail with an order. Glossier, a makeup brand, does this with seasonal brand stickers that make their advertising seem exclusive. The haircare brand Ouai has a similar approach, making stickers with catchy puns such as “Live your life your OUAI” and stylizing the “O” in Ouai as the Venus symbol that represents femininity. Supreme, a popular streetwear brand, is another example of sticker marketing at its finest. Seeing one of their stickers made me Google what Supreme was.

Marketing with stickers gives companies a place to keep their advertisements going well after the sticker is given. Stickers can remain on an object longer than an ad on YouTube is played, getting constant attention for less cost. They can also be used to promote other advertising campaigns. An example is the Davis Creamery, where you get a sticker with a cute cow on it if you follow them on Instagram.

Show your favorite things, whatever they are, with stickers. But just remember that with stickers from brands, you are endorsing whatever they are selling!