So, You’re Done with Your First Year… Now What?

It has been over 250 days since we have moved into the dorms. 3 quarters and 3 finals weeks later, here we are in the process of moving out of the dorms, but also acing a few finals beforehand. So maybe in the middle of packing everything and studying, we look like this…

And that’s okay! It’s the end of an era. After you leave the dorms, you will no longer be a freshman and will officially be one year closer to graduation.

The following are a few tips and things to remember as you leave this chapter of your college life.

Try to be as organized as possible when packing

Without realizing it, you might’ve bought ten maybe twenty new shirts at Forever 21, and you have way more clothes than you came with. Don’t get stressed out and remember to fold and pack neatly, it will be for your benefit, as you will have to unpack all of this when you get home.

Thank your roommate(s)

The situation varies from person to person; you may be rooming with your roommate again next year, you may have become best friends, or you may have become enemies. Either way, thank your roommate before you part ways for the rest of the summer. Look on the bright side! You are still alive, and your time together did not end like the film with Leighton Meester. And don’t forget to return anything you may have borrowed. Or get back anything they borrowed!

Thank your RA

Whether you realize it or not, they were a big part of making sure your first year in the dorms went smoothly. Perhaps they were there to give you a quick pep talk or to remind you that finals were coming up. RAs are the real MVPs, especially when it came to the free food and snacks at socials.

Thank your chefs, the service desk, custodians, DC staff, etc.

They cooked for you, cleaned for you, gave you your mail, gave you temp cards, and more. They were always there, so why not thank them too? I know I will personally thank DC staff who memorized my breakfast order or simply smiled and asked how my day was. They made everything simply feel a bit more like home.

Sell/return your books

Avoid any late fees and such, and please return your books to wherever you rented them. If you bought your books, try selling them to other students or websites and get some extra cash for the summer...or for your textbooks next year!

Double check your summer and fall lease

If you’re staying over the summer or leaving, it’s always good to just double check that everything is in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

Remind Mom and Dad of your arrival

Nothing will be funnier than you being prepared to go home just to find out your room has been turned into an exercise space for your family and you will have to sleep on a couch for a bit. Okay, maybe it won’t be this bad, but still, remind your parents that there will be another family member in the house for about 3 months.

Remind yourself that you are going home

You may be going home to curfews, making yourself food, driving siblings around, walking the dog, etc. So, remind yourself to behave and that this isn’t college.  

Say goodbye to the cows, squirrels, ducks, and turkeys...for now

To me, the cows were more than just cows, they were my neighbors! The wildlife is definitely something I will miss over the summer.

Take care over the summer, Aggies, and see you in the fall!!!