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Sneak Peek into My Bucket List

Image source: Pexels, Valentin

Once upon a time, I began a list in middle school that never reached its end. For the new year, I’ve been reviewing my list and thinking of all the ones I might accomplish in the new year. All random tasks with no limits – hopefully it triggers some inspiration for you to make your own bucket list!

1. See the Enchanted Forest of Lights during Christmas time.

Held at the Descanso Gardens from November to January, this light exhibit is by far my greatest holiday dream.

2. Watch the ball drop in Times Square on New Years Eve.

I grew up watching this every year on TV; I’m still waiting for the real experience.

3. Try at least three authentic foods in their origin country.

Croissants in France, pizza in Italy, gyros in Greece – all equally food baby and travel goals.

4. Send a message in a bottle (and maybe get a reply).

Dramatic, too-good-to-be-true story plot? Yes, but a girl can dream!

5. Have a road trip with stops in at least five major locations.

Whether West coast, East coast, or coast-to-coast, I want to say I’ve been motel-hopping at least once in my life. Good friends and a playlist are also a must.

6. Learn a new, interesting skill.

The more unexpected it is, the funnier it is. The aim is to have everyone shook.

7. Visit five unique museums.

I’ve been to the Museum of Broken Relationships and the Museum of Death, knocking two out of the five so far. Non-traditional museums are the real hidden gems!

8. Go clubbing in Ibiza.

Or really any other country. Clubbing abroad in general seems like an eventful story to tell.

9. Keep a job throughout college for endless, yearround concert ticketsand hopefully a little travel money.

Still a work in progress.

10. See the Northern Lights from the Kakslauttanen Artic Resort.

Super expensive, but possibly worth it. Imagine relaxing on your bed in a glass-dome hotel room, only to look up and see the colors in the sky.

11. Host a cute, classy dinner party with friends (preferably when I’m older and more successful).

From frat parties to dinner parties – let’s see how far we go.

12. Go on a honeymoon cruise.

Choosing a specific location is the tradition – but traveling to multiple destinations with my future person? I think yes.

13. Build a treehouse in the backyard of my future home.

One day years and years from now, my future children will be grateful.

14. Help build an orphanage/make a significantly large donation to charity.

Making more good in the world obviously deserves a spot in this list. These are two of the most inspiring things I hope to one day do!

Cover image source: Pexels

Krisi is a second year at UC Davis, born and raised in southern California. Despite aspiring to pursue a career in medicine, she enjoys using both writing and music as her creative outlet. She is a free spirit- an avid lover of traveling and finding new places. Always spoiling her friends through cooking and baking, she takes pleasure in sharing her hobbies and experiences with others.
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