Small Boobs Appreciation Post

In college and your chest still never got the memo?

Every year as I got older, I kept waiting for the wonderful moment I could look at my chest and not see a valley, but that moment never came. For most of middle school and high school I always questioned my body on why I was not gifted the perfect boob size, as I watched all my friend magically grow these mystical boobs over summer break.

So, what does a teenage girl, occupied with what the world thinks of her at the moment do? She stares at herself in the mirror and tells herself that a year from now she would have boobs.

But as I stated before, that never happened, and that is okay because I eventually realized something extraordinary: ALL BOOBS ARE PERFECT BOOBS!

For my small boob girls, trust me I understand how you feel when you put on a strapless dress, or how you may not even know what having "cleavage" feels like.

Yet, let us not focus on the negatives because as I stated earlier, ALL BOOBS ARE PERFECT BOOBS. What makes our small boobs just absolutely amazing?

1. When we run, our boobs stay in place.

Doubling up on sports bras? We have never heard of that. One simple sports bra and we are good to go for a run whenever, wherever.

2. Bralettes were made for us.

Minimal support, perfectly comfortable, and supper cute? YES PLEASE!

3. We don't always have to wear a bra.

Going commando is a piece of cake!Prom Dress? Check! Bra? No need! Our small boobs were the real MVP, since we never had to worry about finding that perfect bra that fit all the dresses requirements.

4. We almost never have to change our bra size.

Take a moment and think about all of the money we have saved, since our beautiful small boobs haven't changed much since puberty.

5. We never have to try on shirts before buying them.

Just envision yourself in that shirt and buy it!

6. We can sleep on our stomach.

Just look how comfortable at ease Cinderella looks getting into a comfy position sleeping on her tummy.


Our boobs are cute ladies, never let anyone tell you otherwise.

There are many other reasons why our small boobs are absolutely wonderful, but these are just a few. Small boobs, big boobs, or any type of boob, never forget: ALL BOOBS ARE PERFECT BOOBS!

Cover image source: Unsplash, Sue Zeng