Singles Awareness Day: 4 Things to Do On February 14th

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here are some fun things you could do if you would rather embrace February 14th as Singles Awareness Day.

1. Take a bubble bath

Don’t make that face; I realize just how cliché this is, but there is a good reason for that. It’s seriously relaxing! Trust me, just try it.


2. Give little gifts to your friends

This was a big deal when I was in Elementary School. Everyone did it, and I’m willing to bet you have at some point, too. It’s fun and makes everyone feel loved. Seriously, why did we ever stop doing this?


3. Night in with friends

I know, I know: another cliché, but this one is fun for all ages! And we all know nothing would make you feel better than hanging out with your favorite people. Just do me a favor and don’t pull a Friends Season 1: Episode 14, unless you know someone cute working at your local fire station. (Just watch the episode, you’ll know what I’m talking about.)


4. Night on the town with friends

If you aren’t feeling the at-home movie and sweatpants thing, try this instead. Just don’t get mad at me if you don’t like seeing all of the couples out celebrating being together. And don’t forget the DD!


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