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I find Fall to be the perfect time to binge shows. The ambiance and mood of this season has me pulling out my most comfortable sweaters and blankets while staying inside in the comfort of my bed so that I can get lost in different stories ranging from dramas to feel-good comedies. With the leaves changing color and the weather getting colder the mood to keep watching all the seasons of a show becomes an addictive pastime. Below is a list of shows that will make for a memorable watch this season.

  1. Killing Eve

This story focuses on two fierce women playing on opposite sides. One of our protagonists, Eve Polastri, is a bored MI5 officer who holds a strong fascination for female assassins and becomes interested in this one specific assassin after a series of events. The elusive assassin in question is our other main protagonist who goes by the name Villanelle. Villanelle is an untraceable assassin who finds herself engrossed in the person set on finding her and simultaneously tries to form a connection with her. A thrilling cat and mouse game soon ensues creating both a captivating and hilarious plot that leaves the audience aching for more. 

  1. Squid Game 

This show has recently taken the internet by storm. Becoming the most-watched television series in over 90 countries, this show’s theme delves into the exploitation of the poor by the rich in a socioeconomically divided South Korea. The show is satirical that brings on the commentary of how Capitalism corrupts humanity’s consciousness. The plot is centered around our main protagonist Seong Gi-hun, a divorced father who is stuck in serious debt while also struggling with a gambling problem. He is recruited to play in the Squid Game but once he enters the game, he realizes that the stakes are much higher than he anticipated. Both he and the other contestants realize much too late that they have entered a horror-like hunger games competition where the promise of enormous wealth comes with a price. The winner of the game wins about $38 million dollars while the losers die. 

  1. Ted Lasso 

A highly acclaimed show that follows an American college football coach named Ted Lasso, who is hired to coach an English soccer team. Ted has had no prior experience in coaching soccer and thus there is an expectation that he will fail and run the team into the ground. The show is both a comedy and drama that holds a lot of heart and the audience will often find so many heartwarming moments while watching the show. Seeing Lasso trying to win over the English team and gradually succeeding truly makes for an uplifting watch. The show has now become an Emmy award-winning comedy series and if you are looking for a new comedy to watch this will be an unexpected delight. 

  1. Schitt’s Creek 

The incredibly rich Rose family suddenly find themselves to be broke and are forced to leave their wealthy lifestyle to live in the city that is their only remaining asset named Schitt’s Creek. The Roses have to resort to living in the Schitt’s Creek Motel and are forced to navigate their new home life which is completely out of their depth. This leads to comical outcomes and often you will find yourself laughing at the most ridiculous scenarios that are brought into the narratives in this show. Schitt’s Creek is an unforgettable comedy and everyone in the family is iconic in their own way. From the parents, Johnny and Moira Rose, to the children, David and Alexis Rose, every character in this show brings something new to this beloved series. You will find yourself quoting lines from the show because of how incredibly memorable it is and will also find yourself rewatching the whole series because once was not enough. 

  1. Sex Education 

We follow our main character Otis, a socially awkward high school student whose mother is a sex therapist. He is soon entangled in a scheme that involves him and his fellow classmate, Maeve Wiley, in which they both set up an underground Sex Clinic on campus, where he helps fellow classmates in dealing with their own problems in relation to sex and sexuality. Throughout this process, Otis comes to a realization that he holds his own issues with the topic of sex as well. This show is unlike any other Teen High School drama, it is light years ahead of its genre as it is a completely groundbreaking show for the Teen Drama genre. It delves into the topic of sex by going into the misconceptions and anxieties many have around the topic, thus subverting the way in which sex is often portrayed on television.  The show is hilarious, emotional, informative, and incredibly relatable.  You will find yourself loving each character and after you’re done binging, you will find yourself reflecting back on so many unforgettable moments making the whole show a memorable one. 

There you have it! All of these are incredible shows that range in different genres and will help get you in the Fall spirit!

Ritobrita Mishra is a fourth year majoring in both English and Cinema Digital Media.
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