Seven Songs for the Solitary Soul

Since February is the month of love, it may be a little challenging to get through this period of time for those of us who don’t have a romantic partner. Even so, I refuse to be a Valentine’s Day hater. This month is always a great opportunity to show everyone you appreciate in your life that you really do care about them, even if you “accidentally” forget to reply to their texts. What’s even better is that you can use the holiday as an excuse to finally treat yo’self and experience that self-love your soul has been craving. Whether it’s eating a whole pint of ice cream, soaking in a long hot bubble bath, or putting on a face mask, you can indulge yourself in self-care this month while listening to these empowering tunes: 

1. “Unbothered” / Omar Apollo 

Omar Apollo gives off the best vibes if you just want to sit back and relax with your scented candles. “Unbothered” is relatable for when you finally get over someone you used to put on a pedestal. You’re now feeling free and independent without a care in the world. It’s a relatively short song with only five lines of lyrics, but one you’d want to play over and over in dim lighting.

2. “Get Free” / Lana Del Rey 

Even Lana’s happier now, with the last song of her album (which is the first one with her smiling on its cover) as a final statement of her “commitment, [her] modern manifesto,” to herself that she’s moving “out of the black, into the blue.” This song follows the same theme as “Unbothered” of letting go of all the negativity you once held in your life. Doesn’t it feel great to finally lift that weight off your shoulders?

3. “F**k With Myself” / BANKS

“It’s all love,” BANKS repeats in this one. Although it’s a little darker than previous songs, “F**k With Myself” is a lot more straight-up. We’re stuck with ourselves at the end of the day, so we might as well love who we are rather than looking for that kind of validation somewhere else. Listening to this song also makes me feel ten times cooler. Actually, listening to anything by BANKS makes me feel cool. “My love so good, so I f**k with myself more than anybody else,” should be a positive affirmation everyone tells themselves in the morning to feel better. 

4.  “Luxurious” / Gwen Stefani

An underrated gem off of her Love Angel Music Baby album, Gwen Stefani reminds us we deserve nice things through the same iconic, laid-back beat as “Big Poppa.” “Luxurious” is about gathering the (material) benefits of all our hard work. Similar to Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings,” “Luxurious” also shows that retail therapy is very effective. As soon as you hear the first few seconds of this song, I guarantee you’ll be body-rolling all through the night. 

5. “Marry The Night” / Lady Gaga

This is probably the most iconic swan song from Gaga. “Marry The Night” sets up the whole vibe for the rest of the Born This Way album. It’s unapologetic, confident, and selfish (in a good way). This song makes me want to let go of everything holding me back and simply, jump around!

6. “No Tears Left to Cry” / Ariana Grande

How could I not put Ari on this list? She’s totally killing it right now, releasing chart-topper after chart-topper with “thank u, next,” “imagine” and the most recent, “7 rings.” I love those songs too, but “no tears left to cry” hits different. It promotes such a positive message, you can’t help but wipe away those teary eyes for good. Each and every one of us has the power to “pick it up” and just get lit!

7. ​“TOO COCKY” / YG

I saved the best for last. No other explanation is really needed for this one, just know that you’ll feel compelled to dance when you hear this song.