Samantha Bee: Smashing the Late-Night Patriarchy

I’ve always been a fan of late-night shows, especially political satire shows like The Daily Show or The Colbert Report (back when it still ran). I love John Oliver, Trevor Noah, James Corden — basically all of the hosts. Which is why, when I saw this photo, I was surprised that my immediate reaction was frustration.

Besides Ellen DeGeneres (whose show runs during the day), talk shows and late-night shows have been overwhelmingly dominated by men.

That is, until Samantha Bee.

As a previous correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee is no stranger to political satire. So when her show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee kicked off in early February of this year, it was fiery, hilarious, and informative — and has consistently been this way ever since.

Samantha Bee does not hold back, and she takes absolutely zero shit from anyone. The result? A fast-paced, brilliantly-written, and unapologetic show.

As much as I love other late-night hosts, Samantha Bee’s quick-witted humor and SO-over-men attitude is something no other host has been able to deliver. Bee's show brings a new perspective to things. And my favorite part? The pro-women environment it fosters.

Samantha Bee is breaking the glass ceiling of late-night shows, and is challenging anyone who ever said that women can’t be funny. If you aren’t watching Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, you are missing out.