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Runway to Green

When we think about what is most important in our lives we probably say friends, family, and our favorite pair of Jimmy Choo heels. But let’s get real ladies, protecting the planet’s endangered resources should be a pretty big concern too! If we want to shop at the best stores and sport the latest trends, then it is extremely important that we are aware of all the resources used to make our favorite pair of Dior sunglasses and the Couture purse in our closets.

With earth day just around the corner, designers and editors of the fashion world came together in partnership with Christie’s annual green auction, to host the Bid to Save the Earth Event in New York City. These environmentally minded fashionista’s joined forces to host a dual Runway to Green fashion show and fundraising event. The evening featured fashion brands like Stella McCartney, Diane von Furstenberg, Manolo Blahnik, Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Botegga Veneta and more.

“This collaboration constitutes one of the most important commitments made on behalf of the fashion industry to learn and address its impact on the environment,” said Runway to Green chairman Lorenzo Roccia.

The top designers at the event created an exclusive fashion item that would later be sold in a selected retail store around the globe. Botegga Veneta has auctioned off the winner to channel their inner fashion designer by creating a custom handbag from Bottega Veneta. Along with fun an innovative items the auction and dual fashions show brings awareness. All the designers made a commitment to investigate the sustainable manufacturing practices put forward in the Clean by Design initiative from the NRDC.

So for all of the fashionista’s out there, it’s time to go green. While understanding the importance of sustainability may seem obvious, how to actually shop green poses the real issue. Today many, if not all of our favorite brands are expensive and tend to ignore the right resources or conditions to engage in environmentally friendly production. But this event has helped convince the major designers to make a shift in their upcoming fall collections. So how can you help? Well, luckily we have some tips to shopping and dressing green this spring and all summer long.

  1. Wear the same thing again. But continue to spice up the wardrobe with new accessories and different combinations. Don’t be afraid to “recycle” a dress and wear it with a different belt, sweater, or pair of shoes.
  2. When it comes to shopping, be careful. We all love to shop till we drop, but simple ways to help the environment and make sure you are staying green is by cutting down your load. Ask yourself if you need that extra skirt.
  3. Remember that clothes are made to last, and just because it isn’t fall doesn’t mean your pea coat won’t come in handy and simply because a new design comes out doesn’t mean you have to be the one to wear it first. Vintage is in, so save up things in your closet for a year round use.
  4. Think sustainability!
  5. Look for green clothing websites. Here are a few you can try

    1. Whiteapricot.com

      1. This website is environmentally friendly and has natural cosmetics.
    2. Happyhippie.com

      1. Specializing in organic handmade clothing, this website is full of hippie clothing and comments on current social and environmental issues that they think readers should be aware of.

If you follow these useful tips, you won’t have to compromise between fashion and sustainability. Who knew you could still be green while wearing that little black dress! Just reuse your clothes and mix and match your accessories and you’ll be on your way to helping the environment and looking great in the process!

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