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ROBOCOPP: The Device That Will Completely Change Campus Safety

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

With the recent increase of campus burglaries and assaults on college campuses across the country, a sound grenade device, such as the one from ROBOCOPP, is the best way to prevent an incident from happening to you at UC Davis. They call it the “world’s smallest SOS alarm” and it is exactly that. The ROBOCOPP device is unique because it’s so small and discreet that you can carry with you anywhere: on your keychain, or on your backpack or purse. If you’re ever in an emergency, pulling the pin from the device will sound off a 130 decibel alarm, which is attention-grabbing to say the least. It’s a sound that really and truly can save your life. It’s a great safeguard against the problem of campus assaults and crimes, and something that simply provides me with comfort when walking around downtown or coming home from class.

“As soon as the alarm is heard, 68% of holdup men run away empty handed,” according to Maurice Cusson of the International Institute of Criminology in Montreal. This is something invaluable because if we imagine ourselves in that moment of panic, it’s a very stressful and frightening situation, and one that may be hard to think or act in quickly. Yet, if you have this device at the touch of your fingertips, all you have to do is pull the pin from the device, and the sound alarm erupts. There are some “solutions” to campus safety problems out there already, but while no device can be a perfect guarantee against crime, in my mind this is the only product on the market that can make you feel completely safe.

CSU East Bay is one of the first college campuses to purchase 5,000 of these devices for their students. This is a great start, but I feel that more college campuses should consider a device such as this one, and really start to take campus safety seriously.

There is also a new device being released by the company, the ROBORanger, which you can pre-order and learn more about here. The device will still set off the 130 decibel sound, but along with that elicit a 911 response, which is a great added feature. I get a lot of questions from people about what the thing on my keychain is, and my response is to always tell them about how it’s made me feel so much more at ease walking at night on campus or in my apartment complex.

Weekly, we receive campus alerts here at UC Davis through email and text about dangerous incidents and crime occurrences on campuses and in the surrounding areas. This is a great way to communicate with us, but is doing nothing to defend against such incidents in the first place. Just last month, we had the “West Village clown incident”, among countless other stories of robberies and indecent exposures. I think as students, we should take matters into our own hands. Having a device like ROBOCOPP at our disposal will provide us with not only safety, but a peace of mind. And to me, that is worth more than anything.

Order your ROBOCOPP device today, and find out how sound can change your life HERE.

Stay safe, Aggies!

Bridget is a second year student at UC Davis with a passion for fashion and writing. She is involved in the Student Fashion Association and hopes that her love for fashion shows through her blog and #OOTD posts. :) She is also a diehard San Francisco Giants fan and enjoys watching baseball, basketball, and football in her free time.
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