Reasons to Consider Sorority Formal Recruitment This Fall

Spring quarter is ending and another year of college is nearly completed. If you feel like something was missing or you want to expand your social group, you should consider going through formal sorority recruitment in fall 2018!

Joining a sorority completely changed my college experience for the better, and I have never regretted my decision to go Greek. At UC Davis, Greek life is not over the top like at many other schools, but more relaxed and matches the personalities of our students. Going Greek may be just what you have been looking for to make your life at college the best it can be.

Here are some reasons to help you consider going through formal recruitment this fall!

Meet new fantastic friends

When you join a sorority, you are immediately welcomed into a community of sisters that cannot wait to know you. I knew no one in my sorority when I joined, and it was nerve-racking. But those feelings went away on our Bid Day. Every single girl was so nice and wanted to be my friend! I met my best friend on the bus on Bid Day, and we have been inseparable since. I would never have met her or any of my sisters if I didn't go Greek. Every sorority is composed of very different and amazing girls, but share the same special values and characteristics that make them a sister to their sorority.

Leadership opportunities

I never realized how many leadership roles there are to run a sorority. So many! These positions give women the opportunities and experiences to excel outside of their academics. Having a leadership position has been one of the most rewarding things in my college career, and I have learned so much. I know I will use what I have learned in my career after college.

Philanthropy and community service work

Each sorority has its own designated philanthropy; they do fundraisers, charity work, and hands-on work for those less fortunate. They also participate in community service in Davis and Yolo County. Many girls did philanthropic work or community service in high school and often miss that when they come to college. If giving back to society interests you, I cannot encourage you more to go through formal recruitment. Being in a sorority is a great way to continue your passion for helping those in need and raising money for wonderful charities.

Getting a sisterhood that will last a lifetime

When you join a sorority, you receive a true sisterhood. These girls will be your best friends all throughout college and these friendships are sure to continue after you graduate. Your sisters will be there with you from late night dance parties to long library study sessions and lazy Sundays. Sisters support one another through the best times, and the worst times, because that’s just what we do for the people we love. Joining a sorority is not for four years; it is for a lifetime. You will always be a member of your sorority, even after college, and you can find sisters in any city or state across the USA.

Finding your home away from home

I didn't feel like Davis was my home until I joined my sorority, finding the right community of people for me. My sisters have made life at Davis so much better because I know they are always there for me. Coming to college can be daunting as you leave home and your family for the first time. But being welcomed into a new family of sisters makes it easier and provides you with a home away from home at UC Davis.

Joining a sorority and going through formal recruitment can be overwhelming at first. Just remember that hundreds of girls are feeling the same way. Being a member of a sorority has made me a better person and has greatly helped me grow as an individual. I hope you are able to experience this as well!