Quiz: What Classic Halloween Costume Are You?

The spookiest time of year has arrived, and students everywhere are frantically trying to find costumes that are both clever and flattering. Before we reach for our cat ears and our cowboy hats, let’s take this quiz and figure out which classic Halloween costumes represent us the most!

1. What is Halloween for?

            A. To partaaay!

            B. To appease the spirits with treats, of course.

            C. To show off the costume I’ve been thinking up for months!

            D. To get heaps of candy!

2. What is your relationship status?

            A. Single & ready to mingle!

            B. In a relationship but they don’t know it…

            C. Looking for one…

            D. Taken, taken, taken!

3. How would your friends describe you in one word?

            A. Basic

            B. Wild

            C. Helpful

            D. Whimsical

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

            A. Lawyer or doctor

            B. Artist

            C. I have no idea.

            D. I’m never growing up!

5. What do you look for in a Halloween costume?

            A. Something almost effortless. Time is of the essence!

            B. A costume that reflects my personality.

            C. Something that shows off my rockin’ bod!

            D. A costume that everybody will understand.

6. What’s your general fashion aesthetic?

            A. A classic Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters mix.

            B. A whole lotta color!

            C. All black everything.

            D. Baby pinks and anything that sparkles!

Now, count up the amount of As, Bs, Cs, and Ds you answered with.

If you answered with mostly As


You enjoy the ease of costumes that just take a pair of animal ears and a little face makeup to complete. You don’t have time to get ready for hours when you have a kickass party to get to! People may describe you as “basic,” but you have no shame in your game. You’ll be drinking those pumpkin spice lattes until your UGGs come off!

If you answered with mostly Bs

You are a PIRATE!

You have a big personality, and you know it. You might get a little wild, but you always come down to earth when you need to. Some people may not get your personality all the time, but your close friends know who you are to your core. Go get a little spooky this month!

If you answered with mostly Cs


You are the most helpful out of your friends, but you may also feel the most lost. You don’t know much of what you want out of life, and that might give you the October scaries. You are confident in your physical appearance and enjoy flaunting what your mama gave you. Have fun this Halloween, and remember that you don’t have to have everything figured out all the time!

If you answered with mostly Ds


You love to use Halloween as a way to connect to your childhood. Whether you’re more of a Princess Jasmine, or an Ariel, or a Tinker Bell, you hold on tight to your childhood memories and never want to let go. You are probably in some type of serious relationship and would rather stay in and watch Disney movies than go out on Halloween. If you’re still trying to trick-or-treat, I wish you the best of luck (bring me back a Milky Way!).

I hope this quiz gave you some inspiration for your Halloween costume this year, and that you have a fun and safe October!